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For the last two days, I’ve spent a decent portion of my time trying to find an amount of volume to properly dedicate to Wren‘s forthcoming EP, Host, so that it finally seemed like enough. I have failed in this endeavor. For solace, I have only the ice-cold post-sludge chug of “No Seance,” righteous in its violence, thoughtful in its execution thereof, and devastatingly heavy. The whole EP follows suit in one way or another. A follow-up for Wren‘s 2015 split with soon-to-be-tourmates Irk (review here) and their most excellent 2014 self-titled EP (review here), Host will be out April 29 on Holy Roar Records LP/DL.

The London four-piece have a slew of shows setup and seemingly in the making to support it, including runs through Europe, the UK and Ireland. As many dates as I’ve seen confirmed are below, and while there isn’t any public audio of the new release yet, I strongly urge you to keep your ears and eyes open for such things ahead of the April release date.

The PR wire brings art and words:

wren host

Wren unfurl the lurching and belligerent ‘Host’ 12” Vinyl/DL on Holy Roar Records, April 29th 2016.

Following on from their split with Irk in 2015, ‘Host’ is the latest offering from Wren, which reveals the most refined material to date.

To be somewhat horrendously blunt – Wren are somewhat akin to Isis and Cult of Luna if they stopped fucking about, concentrated on huge riffs and listened to The Jesus Lizard and Shellac. These men are not pandering to trends or modernity: simply dudes writing powerful, gruff rock music for anyone who had/has the foresight to delve deeper.

This is not for everyone. Four tracks, with an average running time of over 7 minutes apiece. There are no blastbeats or ‘mosh’ sections. This is measured, yet loud, anger that only age and wisdom can imbibe you with. Unless of course you’re a somewhat mentally stunted 30-something that still possesses the musical taste of a young teenager or the apathy of someone who has given up on any new music containing genuine validity…there’s simply no hope for you, sorry.

Think crushing waves of amp power, a bass guitar that sounds like iron girders smashing into your face, arrhythmic/hypnotic drumming and a latent, seething frustration with the modern world. In other words: bliss for those of a considered, thoughtful persuasion.

1. Stray
2. No Seance
3. Ossuary
4. Loom

Shows March 4th: The Black Heart, Camden, London, w/ A Horse Called War, The Broken Oak Duet
March 10th: The Waiting Room, Colchester w/ A Horse Called War, Three Thrones, Sealclubber. Royyy.
April 29th: JT Soar, Nottingham, w/ Irk, Body Hound, Lambhorn
May 9th-17th: EU tour w/ Irk
20th May: Unicorn, Camden London w/ Conjurer, Hunger Artist, Rough Hands, Monolith
May 25th-29th: Ireland Tour w/ Raum Kingdom
June 14th-22nd: UK Tour w/ Torpor


Wren, “Before the Great Silence” from split with Irk (2015)

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