Dozer 20th Anniversary Video Series Continues

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Earlier in Dozer‘s 20th anniversary video series, when they put up “Rising” live in Sweden and “Soulshigh” live in Finland, both from 2002 (both posted here), there was some discussion as to the seminal Swedish four-piece’s progression between their second album, 2001’s Madre de Dios, and its follow-up, 2002’s Call it Conspiracy. There’s an audible shift away from desert rock between the two records, and I was kind of wondering aloud what might’ve driven that progression, whether it was conscious or just something that kind of happened as the songs came together. If you didn’t see it, former Dozer drummer Erik Bäckwall answered my question in the comment section of that post, saying:

“There wasn’t an outspoken plan to change the sound or anything as far as I can remember. We just wanted the new record to sound better. We rehearsed a lot in those days and focused on writing new songs all the time. Some songs on CIC were written on the road. We rented a rehearsal space in Belgium for example, for at least two days there on some days off on a tour (the foundation of Man Made Mountain was written there). We also used some of our soundcheck time to work on some stuff (Feelgood Formula being one example). CIC also marked the first time we worked with a real producer (Chips K) and that made a huge difference I think. He spent time in the rehearsal room with us, making suggestions and questioning. I think he made the songs sound a bit more to the point.” – Erik, former drummer of Dozer

A shift in production style makes a lot of sense as explaining at least part of that turn, and I thank Bäckwall — who was joined in Dozer at the time by guitarist/vocalist Fredrik Nordin, guitarist Tommi Holappa and bassist Johan Rockner — for the insight. In the latest two clips in the series, it just so happens that the band feature tracks from their 2000 debut, In the Tail of a Comet and the aforementioned Call it Conspiracy, essentially putting their most post-Kyuss material with the moment they really began to establish what would continue to be their own sonic course. Convenient, to say the least. You might need the studio versions to really make the point, but I think you can hear the evolution of the band anyway in the below.

Please enjoy:

Dozer, “Cupola” live in Germany, 1998

Dozer, “Man Made Mountain” live in Sweden, 2003

20 years is a long time but it sometimes feels as yesterday when we started the band back in 1995. In the following weeks we´ll be putting up some live footage from these past 20 years, recorded with a simple camcorder, so bear with us that the audio and video is not top notch. We enjoyed watching these old vids anyway and hope you do too.

Cupola live at Subway Festival, Enger, Germany 1998 with Unida, Nebula and Zeke.

Man Made Mountain from Sundsvall, Sweden 2003.

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    Are these vids leading up to something? A tour or new record hopefully

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    Yeah haw, with the leading up to something comment. Whatever a single vid is righteous as Dozer has been in my top 5 for a decade. Have these dudes ever even played in the usa? Ive waited in the bay area since 05 so nothing here. Madre di Fuck

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