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Icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan kicked off their first European headlining tour this past weekend, and to mark the occasion, they’ve unveiled the second, even-weirder video to come from their sophomore album, Arrival (review here). “Babylon” was the first audio to come from Arrival early last year in a lyric video (posted here) and its hook is resonant enough that if you checked out that track even once, it’ll probably come back to you here. Plus, it’s significantly longer than was “Crazy Horses,” which was the first video from the record, so the three-piece have more time to really get strange as they go on.

And they do. What starts with an awkward YouTube-style interview that takes Polish ‘zines down a peg quickly takes a turn as the band gets chased by volcano zombies and captured by merpeople, gives birth to an all-white demon, winds up at some weird tea party and then, finally, gets on stage to finish the song. The last video was weird. This one’s weirder. Call it artistic progression.

The Vintage Caravan stay on the road throughout much of March in Europe, and since they rounded out 2015 on tour, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had plans upcoming either for summer or fall as well. And hey, as cinematic as the clips for “Crazy Horses” and “Babylon” have been, it’s always possible the band will make it a trilogy of videos from Arrival before moving forward with their next album. We’ll see if they manage to survive next time.


The Vintage Caravan, “Babylon” official video


Icelandic classic rock trio THE VINTAGE CARAVAN have released the music video for the song “Babylon” off their successful latest album, Arrival.

The band commented about the song,”From the beginning we always wanted to do a video to “Babylon”. It’s definitely one of the heavier, more primal songs off the last album Arrival.”


The Vintage Caravan on Tour:
04.02.2016 Kolding (Denmark) – Godset
05.02.2016 Aalborg (Denmark) – 1000Fryd
06.02.2016 Copenhagen (Denmark) – BETA
07.02.2016 Kiel (Germany) – Die Pumpe
09.02.2016 Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) – Neushoorn
10.02.2016 Den Bosch (The Netherlands) – W2
11.02.2016 Antwerp (Belgium) – Het Bos
12.02.2016 Sittard (The Netherlands) – Volt
13.02.2016 Dresden (Germany) – Chemiefabrik
14.02.2016 Lille (France) – La Péniche
15.02.2016 Paris (France) – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
17.02.2016 Nantes (France) – Scène Michelet
18.02.2016 Bordeaux (France) – Void
19.02.2016 Bilbao (Spain) – Santana 27
20.02.2016 Almada (Portugal) – Cine Incrivél
21.02.2016 Madrid (Spain) – Sala Caracol
22.02.2016 Barcelona (Spain) – La 2
25.02.2016 Aarau (Switzerland) – Kiff
26.02.2016 Milan (Italy) – Lo Fi Club
27.02.2016 Mödling (Austria) – Red Box
28.02.2016 Graz (Austria) – Explosiv
29.02.2016 Salzburg (Austria) – Rockhouse
02.03.2016 Innsbruck (Austria) – Weekender
03.03.2016 Budapest (Hungary) – Dürer Kert
04.03.2016 Prague (Czech Republic) – Nova Chmelnice
05.03.2016 Cracow (Poland) – Zascianek
06.03.2016 Warsaw (Poland) – Hydrozagadka
08.03.2016 Lichtenfels (Germany) – Paunchy Cats
09.03.2016 Erfurt (Germany) – Museumskeller
10.03.2016 Bonn (Germany) – WDR Crossroads (only The Vintage Caravan)
11.03.2016 Nürnberg (Germany) – Der Cult
12.03.2016 Munich (Germany) – Under The Black Moon (Backstage) (Only The Vintage Caravan)
13.03.2016 Münster (Germany) – Sputnik Cafe
18.03.2016 Düsseldorf (Germany – Pitcher (Only The Vintage Caravan)
19.03.2016 Düsseldorf (Germany – Pitcher (Only The Vintage Caravan) – SOLD OUT

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