Liquido di Morte Releasing II on March 4

liquido di morte

Okay. With the acknowledgement that the info below has been run through a translation matrix and ultimately all things are subjective, the fluid nature of language, blah blah blah, I’m relatively comfortable saying that Italian heavy psych rockers Liquido di Morte are issuing their second album, II, on March 4 via Sstars. That’s the same imprint that released their self-titled debut (review here) in 2014, and whether the new album picks up in methodology from the long-form explorations of that record remains to be seen, but either way, it’s out next month, it’s got Giacomo Boeddu from Isaak singing a guest spot on “The Saddest of Songs I’ll Sing for You” and the cover art rules. I don’t honestly need much more to get me intrigued.

Except for the fact that the opening song is called “The Corpse of Dr. Funkenstein.” It seems pretty bold for anyone to mess with the good doctor in a modern context, let alone kill him off, but hey, maybe Liquido di Morte have gotten super-funky this time around. They could do worse.

Translated info follows:

liquido di morte ii

Our second disc is called II

Contains 4 tracks that are called like that:
The Corpse Of Dr. Funkenstein
The Saddest Of Songs I’ll Sing For You
Rodents On The Uphill
Schwartz pit

In the second the voice you hear is by Giacomo of Isaak.

It’ll be out the next 4 March on SStars di Giacomo Spazio.

It will be available in digital format (free download) and in 2 One-Sided LP.

They recorded that Nicola Manzan Bologna Violenta Captain Mantell Cloaks and Thomas. Thank you Bode Music Gear for the help

The Artwork is SoloMacello and do you see it below.

We’ll celebrate / cry your way out of the 12 March to Lo Fi Milano playing together with the Arabrot.

We’re happy

Liquido di Morte, Liquido di Morte (2014)

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