Saturday Sleep In: “Antarcticans Thawed” Live at ATP 2009

Sleep, “Antarcticans Thawed” Live at All Tomorrow’s Parties 2009

This was a gig of firsts and lasts. The 2009 All Tomorrow’s Parties fest in Minehead, UK, was Sleep‘s first reunion show, and the first time that the song “Antarcticans Thawed” — written during the sessions for Dopesmoker — was played. It was also the last show with drummer Chris Hakius, who by the time the band went on to a full-fledged reunion in the next year or so, would leave owing to a debilitating back issue and be replaced by drummer Jason Roeder, also of Neurosis. Hakius‘ departure makes the clip somewhat bittersweet in hindsight, but if you weren’t, just imagine being in front of this stage. Here’s Sleep, who haven’t played a show in what, more than a decade?, and not only are they back, but oh hey, how about a new song too, even if it’s not actually new. It must have been insane. One is surprised the cameras could get the footage above with what must have been all the exploding brains in the audience.

In the six years-plus since this appearance, Sleep have headlined major fests across the US and Europe, from Roadburn to Maryland Deathfest to Southwest Terror Fest, Hellfest and Desertfest and on and on. Their 2014 single, “The Clarity” (review here) was their first new studio output since Dopesmoker finally surfaced in 2003, but much of the word of a new album has subsided, at least for the moment. I wouldn’t write off the possibility, but as guitarist Matt Pike continues to throttle crowds the world over with High on Fire, bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros has reportedly entered the studio to track a long-awaited next Om full-length, and Roeder is soon to do the same with Neurosis, it seems going into 2016 that while no doubt Sleep will show up somewhere at sometime, the immediate priorities are elsewhere.

That’s fair, and quite frankly, even if CisnerosPike and Roeder set to writing a new LP, I’d rather have them take their time, do it right and not force anything. I dug “The Clarity” a lot, and if that’s the pace at which new material is going to surface — mind you, I don’t know that it is or isn’t; there could be an album announcement coming this week — so be it.

Either way, hope you enjoy “Antarcticans Thawed.” Crazy to think Sleep have been “back” or six years.

I was on the road most of yesterday, down to Connecticut for work and then back up to Massachusetts. The Patient Mrs. was kind enough to drive down in the morning and a decent portion of the ride back as well, which was when I started putting posts up in the afternoon. I get to be a pain in the ass if stuff that’s waiting or that needs to be written doesn’t go up, and I think at this point she kind of shrugs it off. We stopped to get an AC adapter for her car so I could charge my laptop while running a wifi hotspot off my phone. It was like a very lame movie.

Speaking of movies, I haven’t seen Star Wars yet and I’m having a bit of an existential crisis about it. We thought about going yesterday, but wanted to get back north, then were too tired to leave the house, and today I’ve been up for a few hours already, but I’m starting work on the Top 30 Albums of 2015 list and I expect that will eat up a goodly portion of the afternoon. Tonight, KindSummonerWorshipper and Leather Lung are playing in Jamaica Plain, and I’m planning on going to that as my last show of the year. It’s basically the Boston rock and roll Xmas office party. Should be a good time. Familiar faces and such. I’ll get to Star Wars sooner or later.

Look for a review of that show on Monday — I’m actually going; my ankle is healed enough to stand up and everything — and the Top 30 of 2015 no later than Tuesday. Somehow, even though I posted a story today and put a bunch up yesterday too and even though it’s the friggin’ week before Xmas, I’m still behind on the news, and I have a giveaway for Canyon of the Skull‘s debut CD ready to go out anytime now. I’m going to try to sneak in a Deville review on Wednesday too. Don’t tell anybody.

If you’re the type to notice such things, you may have noticed the t-shirt and hoodie sale is over. It was supposed to end last night, but I fell asleep, so I wound up taking down the order pages first thing this morning. Either way, a tremendous thank you to everyone who got to place an order. The Patient Mrs. and I will be compiling everything this weekend and will send the info to Made in Brooklyn Silkscreeners immediately thereafter. I’d expect shipment sometime in the next three weeks, depending on how long the pressing takes.

Alright, that should do it for me. I’m gonna sign off, though really I’ll just be working in the back end putting stuff together for the Top 30, so it’s not like I’m actually going anywhere. Still, I hope you have a great and safe weekend. If you’ve seen Star Wars, no spoilers. See you back here Monday for that review and a ton more.

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