The Western Mystics Release Once upon a Time in the Cosmos Live Album

Since I was about 10 years old, I’ve always been a sucker for a good bootleg. Boise, Idaho, newcomer three-piece The Western Mystics recently recorded their set at Neurolux on Nov. 11 — Spirit Caravan and Elder were also on the bill — and have issued the results of the audience-tracked outing as Once upon a Time in the Cosmos (Live at Neurolux). Downloads are available on the cheap via their Bandcamp.

It’s the instrumental band’s first release, marked out by the use of two baritone guitars instead of a guitar and bass, but it finds their sound noteworthy for its fluidity and wide open in terms of what they might bring to a studio offering. In short, I was into it, so it made sense to share. That’s basically the standard I work with around here.


The Western Mystics Once Upon a Time in the Cosmos (Live at Neurolux)

Here it is: Our LIVE Album “Once Upon a Time in the Cosmos (Live at Neurolux)” is now available for download on Bandcamp!

Recorded Live from the audience’s perspective with a Tascam DR-40 at Neurolux on 11/11/2015 (with Elder and Spirit Caravan)

Brent Joel – Drums
Nik Kososik – Baritone Guitar
Travis X. Abbott – Baritone Guitar

All songs written by The Western Mystics EXCEPT for “Brave New Wasteland” originally written as “Theta” by Brian Bays with ThankyouForthis. Live mix by Lawren Van B at Neurolux. Mastered by Justin Adam Mai.

In December 2014, Brent Joel and Travis “T.X.” Abbott went on a journey through the cosmos and created 30 minutes minutes of music in one night of jamming, initially calling the duo “Dos Ojo Terceros” and playing a their first show just weeks later. A few months later, Brent and Travis invited Nik Kososik of Sun Blood Stories to join in on the chaos. Nik also brought with him the unconventional idea of playing two baritone guitars – as opposed to the more traditional guitar/bass/drum trio. In the following months, many witnesses of the group’s performances found the name “Dos Ojo Terceros” quite difficult to annunciate, thus inspiring the trio to change their name to “The Western Mystics” in October 2015.

The Western Mystics, Once upon a Time in the Cosmos (Live at Neurolux) (2015)

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