Across Tundras Release Previously-Unannounced Home Free EP

I recently made a purchase from the Across Tundras and T.G. Olson Bandcamp page, regular perusing of which I’ve advocated on any number of occasions. Downloads are free, but physical pressings are rarer, limited and usually at least to some degree handmade. While I’ll readily admit that it took multiple exposures for the band’s and for Olson‘s project to sink in, his/theirs is work I’ve come to much admire the last half-decade or so, and after putting in an order for a CD of Olson‘s latest solo outing, The Boom and Bust, I was thrilled to find it arrive in a hand-assembled book with special labels and a personal touch very much suited to the music. His The Rough Embrace (review here) CD is also gorgeously and earthly adorned, wrapped in twine with a screenprinted cloth case limited to 33 copies.

Across Tundras haven’t announced plans to press up any physical versions of their brand new, previously-unannounced EP, but it’s out now digitally and contains two new tracks, “When We Were all One” and “No Roads in any Direction,” a redux of “Fixin'” from Olson‘s 2011 Muddy Water Dredge Company solo outing, and a cover of “Shine for You” by Brianna Lea Pruett‘s 2013 album, Gypsy Bells. Joining Olson on the self-recorded outing are vocalist Shannon Murphy and drummer Brandon Freeman. The first two will reportedly feature on the next Across Tundras full-length as well, so whether you’re listening for a preview of that or what, they’re worth your time on multiple levels.

Interested to know what “last jam sessions” means, if perhaps Olson has rambled on from Ramble Hill Farm in Cottontown, Tennessee, or if he’s just speaking about the season changing, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough either way. At least when we see where whatever he does next is tracked.

Info follows:

across tundras home free

ACROSS TUNDRAS – New Sounds ~ 11/16/2015

AT “Home Free”

Late Summertime & Fall 2015 last jam sessions @ Ramble Hill Farm in Cottontown, TN. Recorded by T.G. Olson and Shannon Murphy. Mixed and no Masters by T.G. Olson. Includes a couple demos of new tracks slated to appear on the next Across Tundras album, an oldie remade, and a cover/tribute to Brianna Lea Pruett.

Thanks for listening.

Released November 17, 2015.

T.G. Olson : Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Organ
Shannon Murphy : Vocals
Brandon Freeman : Drums

All new cassette releases limited to 33 copies and 2 for 1 vinyl sale is still going on over at the Bandcamp site along with free/name your price downloads as always! Thanks for the support everyone.

Across Tundras, Home Free (2015)

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