Prophets of Saturn Post Video for “Witchrider”

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UK heavy psych merchants Prophets of Saturn released their second album, Retronauts, this July on HeviSike Records. In their new video for “Witchrider,” a track taken from that record, they give us a glimpse of what calls forth their dense fuzz and deep-toned swirl — swapping back and forth between in-the-woods and in-the-practice-space vibes before finally ending out in a candlelit ritual. Needless to say, the clip covers all its bases, and in that, it makes a fitting companion to the song itself, which melds classic psych malevolence with a more modern aggression.

The album has sold through a goodly portion of its 400-pressed LP copies, but is out on CD as well and with tape TBA, so Prophets of Saturn are by no means done with it. Nov. 28, they’ll play a memorial show for Mage guitarist Ben Aucott, who passed away earlier this year. MageTemple of Lies and Garganjua will also take part. As Retronauts continues to reap praise in following up Prophets of Saturn‘s 2013 self-titled debut, look for the band to keep their momentum going hopefully into the New Year and beyond.

Clip for “Witchrider” is below, followed by more from the PR wire on that memorial gig and other doings. Enjoy:

Prophets of Saturn, “Witchrider”

Leicester, England psychedelic doomsters unveil new video for ‘Witchrider’

Following the release of the gargantuan RETRONAUTS album in June on HeviSike Records, Prophets of Saturn are pleased to unveil their latest labour of love. The video for Witchrider was created throughout the Summer of 2015. Featuring creepy woodlands, alluring witches and smokey chambers, the film captures the very essence of Prophets of Saturn’s sound.

The band return to their native Leicester for a one-off memorial gig in Novermber, celebrating the life of BEN AUCOTT, guitarist with local doom heroes MAGE. The event, held at Duffy’s Bar on Saturday 28 November will also feature local bands TEMPLE OF LIES and GARGANJUA.

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