audiObelisk Transmission 053

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0:00:00 Gentlemans Pistols, “Time Wasters” from Hustler’s Row
0:05:46 Irata, “March by Tens” from Sweet Loris
0:10:25 Skraeckoedlan, “Gigantos” from Sagor
0:17:47 Tombstones, “Barren Fields” from Vargariis
0:27:05 With the Dead, “Crown of Burning Stars” from With the Dead
0:33:23 All Them Witches, “Open Passageways” from Dying Surfer Meets His Maker
0:36:35 Vhöl, “Red Chaos” from Deeper than Sky
0:41:37 Saviours, “Hell’s Floor” from Palace of Vision
0:45:49 Jess and the Ancient Ones, “In Levitating Secret Dreams” from Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes
0:49:01 King Dead, “The Firmament of Heaven Opened, and the Flood Waters Were upon Them,” from Woe and Judgment
0:57:35 Dave Heumann, “Switchback” from Here in the Deep

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1:01:26 Mammatus, “Sparkling Waters Pt. One” from Sparkling Waters
1:23:19 Valley, “Picture Puzzle Pattern Door” from Sunburst
1:33:16 Humulus, “Red Star, Winter Orbit” from Electric Walrus
1:44:29 Shabda, “Pharmakos” from Pharmakon/Pharmakos

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Thank you for listening.

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4 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 053”

  1. The Central Scrutinizer says:

    Thanks for doing the Podcast! I really dug this one. I liked Vohl and the last 30 mins of the first hour was some good tracks and the second hour was some cool doom/space jams! keep it up!

  2. Charlie Black says:

    Certainly not complaining about the quick upload, your podcasts always keep me in good spirits during my rounds as a mailman. Thank you!

  3. David Kerr says:

    Love these and they are main source for jams either dark or light.

  4. Monty says:

    Brilliant!Awesome listening as the sun sinks on this Autumn afternoon…really complements the atmosphere…thanks!

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