Lord of Cyclopes Post New Video for “The Takeoff”

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Listening to “The Takeoff” from Lord of Cyclopes‘ debut EP of the same name, it’s not that surprising to learn that the Gothenburg-based band has a connection to Generous Maria, whose 2001 outing, Command of the New Rock, remains a well-guarded secret of pre-social media European stoner rock. Lord of Cyclopes, whose EP is newly released on Daredevil Records, work in a similar post-Kyuss mentality, way more indebted to the earliest work of their countrymen in Dozer and Lowrider than to the current retro ’70s movement spearheaded by Graveyard, and in a less outwardly commercial (in a European radio sense) fashion than Mother Misery, who have similar ties.

Still, if “The Takeoff” finds in them in the tail of a comet, that seems to suit Lord of Cyclopes just fine. What probably remains a few years off from being called “classic stoner rock” sounds almost refreshing for its lack of further subgenre delineation, and the four-piece build a considerable head of steam, rhythmically-speaking, across an efficient, sub-four-minute runtime while also keeping a mind toward a catchy hook. The Takeoff has four tracks total and can be heard at the band’s Soundcloud and purchased (on the cheap, I’ll add) from Daredevil‘s webstore, both of which are linked under the video below.


Lord of Cyclopes, “The Takeoff” official video

Official PR-video of the song “The Takeoff” from the EP “The Takeoff” released 2015 by LORD OF CYCLOPES!

Was originally founded in 2011 by drummer Cyclope Joe. With him he got his former friends Cyclope Pontiac on bass and Cyclope Pelé on vocals. Cyclope Pontiac Went to Stockholm in early 2015 and the bass is now operated by former heavy metal bass guitar virtuoso Cyclope Jorge. Different guitar players came and went until the band settled for Cyclope George. All members have different experiences and from former bands. This quartet has definitely found matching preferences! It will rock your socks off!

Cyclope Pelé – Vocals
Cyclope Joe – Drums
Cyclope Jorge – Bass
Cyclope George – Guitars

Lord of Cyclopes on Thee Facebooks

Lord of Cyclopes on Soundcloud

Daredevil Records

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3 Responses to “Lord of Cyclopes Post New Video for “The Takeoff””

  1. Grooverock says:

    Cool! What’s the generous maria connection? Always dug the song Strict Nurse.

    • George says:

      the GM connection is me. I was lead guitarist from ’98 to 2001. Recorded ‘Command of the new Rock’ with them. Im still good friends with the vocalist Göran Florström.
      Cheers!! //George – Lord Of Cyclopes

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