Moewn Stream Debut Album Acqua Alta Ahead of Vinyl Release


Hamburg-based trio Moewn got their start about two years ago and have signed with Pink Tank Records to release their debut album, Acqua Alta, on vinyl. The LP is set to land on Oct. 29, but I guess the band couldn’t wait to get it out to public ears, so they’ve made it available digitally via Bandcamp for stream and download. Kind of a twist on the digital-first-vinyl-later approach that so many groups have taken, in that it’s not like they’re putting the album out there for people to hear while they hunt for a label, but hey, I’m not gonna complain.

Reason being that Acqua Alta takes a pretty seamless approach to heavy post-rock, not quite at atmospheric as Red Sparowes, who they claim as an influence, but definitely in that Isis-style vein of ringing ambient guitar over hard-hit drums — they call it “oceanic rock,” so yeah. The three-piece of guitarist Ben, bassist Niko and drummer Tim have their work cut out for them in terms of separating themselves from a pretty wide-ranging pack between Europe and the US of similarly-minded post-this-or-that, but it’s their first record and they’ve clearly got a grip on what they want their sound to be, and there’s not much more I’d ask of Acqua Alta than that.

And this is a thing I know because I took the time to listen. If you feel like doing the same, the stream is under the album info below:



Moewn is an oceanic rock trio from Hamburg, Germany and was formed in June 2013. Based on instrumental jams with atmospheric delay guitars, fuzzy basslines and puristic drums, Moewn creates an ambient soundscape somewhere between post- and progressive rock. Pink Tank Records is proud to release their stunning debut Acqua Alta, this fall!

Also available on CD & as digital download release date 29.10.2015
300 copies total
100 copies stormy sea wax pink tank exclusive edition
100 copies oceanic blue band exclusive edition
100 standard black

Limited editions incl. Poster & download code! All pressed in Germany on high 180g heavyweight vinyl.

Moewn, Acqua Alta (2015)

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