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Los Angeles doom metallers Ancient Spell have announced a Sept. 8 release for their new album, Forever in Hell, via Minotauro Records. The full-length is their second behind a 2013 self-titled, and a newly unveiled teaser finds its tracks rife with metallic lurch and alternatingly thrashy and doomed impulses playing out in darkened, grim atmospheres.

They were a trio when the first offering came out two years ago, so it seems safe to say there’s been a pretty marked shift in the band’s overall status. How that change might ultimately manifest in terms of the record will take more than a teaser to showcase, but at least we’ve got enough to get an initial impression of the bleakness to come.

The PR wire brought news of the allegiance with Minotauro and the release:

ancient spell forever in hell

“Death is an Ancient Spell…unbroken. Do not fear it and it will empower you to live life to the fullest.” -Ancient Spell

From the depths of the underground comes Ancient Spell…. A Los Angeles based band comprised of local musicians Donnie Marhefka on Lead Vocals, Conrad Viz on Guitars/Vocals, Jeff Clark on Bass, Rob Thompson on Drums and Dan Rado on Guitar. They have come together to bring forth yet another forging of Metal. Inspired by classic, thrash, and Doom metal, they each bring their talents to the table and create a Heavy wall of sound. The band’s first CD is now available on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon, Google, Spotify and many other internet stores. 2 videos are available on the Ancient Spell YouTube channel, Bleeding Black and Wizard ov Doom. New album will be out on Minotauro Records on September 8, 2015!!! Doom on!!!

Saint Vitus, Slayer, The Sword, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Lamb of God, Black Sabbath, Death

Under Your Spell
Cease to Exist
Fall ov Humanity
Beyond the Gates
March to Your Grave
Black Flame Ritual
Eternal Embers

Ancient Spell, Forever in Hell album teaser

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