Terminal Fuzz Terror Post New Video for “Senseless Boogie”

terminal fuzz terror (Photo by Chris Mighton)

Seattle four-piece Terminal Fuzz Terror pretty clearly have a thing for severe statements. The experimental heavy rockers made their full-length debut in March on Robotic Empire with Vol. 0: In the Shadow of the Mountain (not sure if it’s the one they’re talking about, but I hear Rainier is lovely), and that too had its sharpened edges, the Tad Doyle-recorded tracks quick to turn riffy convention on its head to suit punkishly defiant purposes. In their new video for “Senseless Boogie,” one again finds Terminal Fuzz Terror pushing toward the edge of abrasion for the sake of going against the norm.

It’s an admirable goal, but I’d hardly call the boogie senseless. The boogie is its own excuse for being.

Nonetheless, it’s a killer track and anyone trying to be a wrench in the apparently-ceaseless gears of genre tropes is cool by me. News of its arrival and the video itself follow, courtesy of the PR wire:

terminal fuzz terror senseless boogie


The video for “Senseless Boogie”, the newest single from Terminal Fuzz Terror’s Robotic Empre debut, Vol.0: In the Shadow of the Mountain, is now streaming online.

Combining live footage with esoteric drag racing carnage, the video for “Senseless Boogie” is just as chaotic, unhinged, and groovy as the music itself. The Video was filmed by Seattle Photographer/Director Chris Mighton and marks his first collaboration with the band.

ABOUT THE BAND: Terminal Fuzz Terror is a Seattle based Motosonic Rock band comprised of D. Rodriguez (guitar, vocals), D. Nelson (guitar, vocals), A. Crawshaw (drums) and J. Kleine (bass) who unleash a raw fury of rock n’ roll drifted through the filters of punk, psychedelia and blues on their vinyl debut, Vol. 0: In The Shadow Of The Mountain. Pummelling percussion and wailing riffs accompany a vocal delivery that channels an obliterated Jim Morrison at the height of religious revelry! The magnanimous 17-minute title track B-side closes the album with a long form, slow burning mind melter.

Vol. 0: In The Shadow Of The Mountain was recorded at Witch Ape Studio, engineered and mixed by Tad Doyle (TAD) and mastered by James Plotkin. Vinyl edition comes housed in a silk screened jacket printed by drummer A. Crawshaw at Broken Press in Seattle, WA and is limited to 300 copies.


Terminal Fuzz Terror, “Senseless Boogie” official video

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