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By way of confession, I don’t know much about Nashville-based four-piece Aave (also stylized all-lowercase), but I took a listen to the song “This Evil Comes” from their last record and dug it, so I thought someone else might too. Aave‘s new album, There’s Nothing, will be released digitally by Villain Place on Aug. 14 in apparent cooperation with Rock Ridge Music (a label I can’t even say the name of without hearing Harvey Korman say “splendid!” after it à la Blazing Saddles). Info is abundant however, so if you’re also up for getting introduced, there’s an opportunity to do that.

Not that you need to be introduced. You’re probably already hip to these guys. I’m always lagging on the uptake. Anyway, if you haven’t heard it or if you have, hope you dig.

To the PR wire:

aave there's nothing

aave to release There’s Nothing on August 14th in digital format

Album coming via Villain Place/Rock Ridge Music

Nashville-based post-rock quartet aave will be releasing its debut full-length, There’s Nothing, via Villain Place/Rock Ridge Music on August 14, 2015 (in the digital format only). The creative collective specializes in sprawling psychedelic soundscapes and hypnotic musicality that evokes both bleakness and bliss, and music that is brimming with intricate ambient patterns, intriguing drum sounds, rubbery basslines, and celestial lead vocals. aave has been favorably compared to the Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Interpol, Warpaint, Tame Impala, and Blonde Redhead. The album’s recently-released first single, “Going Nowhere,” has already been embraced by media. Villain Place will release the album, with label services and support provided by Rock Ridge Music.

Says aave guitarist Lloyd Aur Norman about the partnership with Rock Ridge Music: “We feel very fortunate to work with Rock Ridge Music. [CEO] Tom Derr and [President] Cynthia Cochrane bring years of high-level industry experience and deep knowledge of the music industry, which is invaluable for us. We’re thrilled at the opportunity.”

Says Rock Ridge Music CEO Tom Derr about working with aave and Villain Place: “Having worked with Lloyd and Kyle [Kelly, vocals/guitar] with great expectations and rewards over the past few years on various projects, if it ain’t broke, it was obvious to work with them on this project as well.”

“We’re four people just trying to express ourselves authentically, collaboratively, and communicate our feelings to others,” says Norman about the music he makes with bandmates Kelly (vocals/guitar), Parrish (bass), and Peter Teselsky (drums). From the beginning, aave was conceptualized to be an outlet for many levels of expression. One example of this is the band’s name, which is Finnish for ghost, and conjures the haunting and otherworldly qualities of aave’s music. Another layer is that lead singer and visual artist Kelly creates stunning visual images to accompany each track, and his breathtaking artwork is also utilized in band videos and sometimes in live shows where the band plays to projected images. “We want to be more than just a traditional live performance band,” says Parrish, “We want to take our audience places emotionally by engaging both aural and visual senses.”

There’s Nothing was written, tracked, and produced by the band at its studio, Villain Place in Nashville. Self-producing was integral to the writing process as it allowed the band to take their time building soundscapes and track when inspiration hit. Many of the lyrics on the album were conceived as Kelly recorded them, adding to the subconscious psychedelic feel of the album. For mixing and mastering, aave welcomed the talents of Jon Stinson (Kings of Leon / The Features) and Doug Van Sloun (First Aid Kit / Tokyo Police Club) to mix and master respectively.

aave is planning some tour dates around the album release which will be announced soon.

Release date: August 14, 2015.


Aave, “This Evil Comes”

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