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Much happening in the cosmic realm in which EYE dwell — a mysterious place known as Columbus, Ohio — up to and including their forthcoming third album, yet untitled, getting closer to being done. Maybe you took the time to listen to EYE‘s stunning 2013 outing, Second Sight (review here), and maybe you didn’t, but if not, it’s your loss. That record brimmed with complexity in service to an overarching gorgeous wash of guitar and synth and atmosphere-defying rhythmic drive, and to say I’m very much looking forward to the follow-up, quite frankly, would be underselling it.

EYE‘s third, whatever they decide to call it, was reportedly done back in January when it was included in the 2015 Most Anticipated Albums list (remember that thing? God damn, it was huge), so presumably the time since has been spent mixing, mastering, tweaking this or that to get the balance together. Or maybe they went back and made it again, I don’t really know. Either way, if you want to keep up with EYE‘s doings from here on out, they’ve made it that much easier with a new website and Twitter handle, both of which are linked under the update they published.

Like so:

eye gongs

New album news

Our third record is nearing completion! The currently untitled album will also be the first to capture our new bass player Michael Sliclen on an album and catalogues three shorter songs that we’ve been performing recently at shows; Odyssey, Searching and Death To The Slave Master.

The epic As Sure As The Sun, which has not yet been performed live, will begin as the last track of side one and continues as the entirety of side two.

Side one was recorded at Smitty’s home studio and As Sure As The Sun was recorded at Relay, both in Columbus Ohio. Mixing, mastering, pressing and artwork are still tbd but we expect a late summer early fall release.

We have been in and out of the studio due to going down to Levitation fest and ripping a few dates. In the time we were finishing the 2XLP upcoming release, we wound up writing and recording a brand new full length LP. SO, in the VERY near future we will be releasing ultimately a 3XLP of new music from EYE.

We have been having a BLAST in the studio during the entire process. It’s all over the map musically, but without a doubt the spaciest overthrow we have summoned yet. By early Summer, we will be releasing it digitally so the wait will be no longer for ALL of those who have been VERY patient. We’re sincerely grateful for the many emails and kind messages inquiring. We’re a total DIY unit, so it will take us a bit longer, but hopefully for you, worth the wait. Thanks to everyone listening. Cheers-EYE


EYE, Second Sight (2013)

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