Hosoi Bros Premiere Video for “Hands of Stone”

hosoi bros (Photo by George Hancock)

For today’s lesson in obscure pop culture history, we turn to Memphis four-piece Hosoi Bros, and their new video for the track “Hands of Stone.” It’s been a couple years since we last heard from the heavy punk rockers, who’ve got two 7″s under their collective belt in the form of 2012’s Snorlokk (video here) and earlier 2012’s Wine Witch (review here), but they’re set to issue a debut long-player and are currently in the somewhat harrowing process of finding a label home. For a band who occupy a kind of sonic nether region between tonally weighted groove and punkier roots, it can be difficult, but if time has proven anything about Hosoi Bros, it’s that they know how to blow off some steam.

Which brings us back to where we started: that lesson in obscure pop culture history. “Hands of Stone,” the new song and video from Hosoi Bros‘ upcoming full-length, refers to professional wrestler Ron Garvin who, in a 1980s feud with Ric Flair, was called “The Man with Hands of Stone.” So be it. The song’s lyrics make numerous references to classic professional wrestling, from Dusty Rhodes to the Legion of Doom, but even if you didn’t happen to be an ’80s kid, I think the point comes across in the catchy hook of “Hands of Stone,” and Hosoi Bros reinforce the charm and will to not take themselves too seriously that they showed on their initial singles.

When the new album might arrive is up in the air, but I’ve got the pleasure today of hosting the premiere of “Hands of Stone.” If you’re wondering whatever became of Garvin, he did some time in what was then called the WWF and now owns a couple used car dealerships in North Carolina and is a licensed pilot. Hosoi Bros give him due homage with “Hands of Stone,” and you’ll find the video on the player below. Please enjoy:

Hosoi Bros, “Hands of Stone” official video

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