Superchief to Release Trophy Room on Magnetic Eye Records


Iowan heavy rockers Superchief released their last album, Corporate Dynamite (review here), in 2011, and as the band explains, some stuff has changed since then. Like the lineup. Their new album, Trophy Room, finds them dude-rocking on Magnetic Eye Records, in whose forthcoming Electric Ladyland [Redux] compilation they’re also taking part, giving “Crosstown Traffic” a no doubt whiskey-soaked treatment.

If you’d like to hear the album at some point before physical copies arrive, that’s easy enough — Magnetic Eye has it streaming now on their Bandcamp. Not sure on the exact release date, but if you can play the whole thing, it can’t be far off. Here’s word from the band and the stream of the record:

superchief trophy room

Trophy Room is Superchief’s first release on their new label, Magnetic Eye Records. The album was recorded in Des Moines IA at Redd No 7 Studios which is run by Kevin Neal. The album was produced by Superchief and Kevin Neal, it was engineered and mixed by Kevin Neal as well. The album was mastered By Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella @ New Alliance East, Cambridge, MA.

Trophy Room is currently available online on the typical platforms. It is streaming for free out the Magnetic Eye online store currently. Physical copies are being shipped soon, so keep an eye out for those release details. Here is a link to the online store:

Since our last release, Corporate Dynamite, Superchief has gone through changes. James Segovia joined the band as bass player in 2012 and Casey Doser joined as our new lead guitar player in 2013. e took 2013 to write new material and then 2014 to record “Trophy Room”.

2015 we are focusing on hitting the road to support the album and working on material to a follow up to Trophy Room. Now that we have a solid lineup of fellas we plan to release new material more frequently.

Superchief, Trophy Room (2015)

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