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the flight of sleipnir

Following up 2013’s Saga, Colorado duo The Flight of Sleipnir will release V — their aptly-titled fifth album — this November as their debut on Napalm Records. The Eyes Like Snow veterans cut a wide sonic swath through doom, black metal and Viking forms, with a varied style that plays subgenres off each other and stands in conversation with European traditions while taking a distinctly American approach in the melding. Consistent in their atmosphere and Nordic themes, they’ve been a well-kept secret of the US underground for some time, the two-piece of Clayton Cushman (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals) and David Csicsely (drums, vocals, guitar) not so much turning genre on its head in a check-us-out-we’re-so-weird cloying kind of way, but bending diverse elements to their will in service to their songs and expression.

is available now to preorder from Napalm and direct from the band. Links follow the killer album art and PR wire info below, with a stream of Saga if you’d like to get acquainted or want to revisit:

the flight of sleipnir v

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR Unleash Artwork, Title, Release Dates & Track Listing!

Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse, slides by land, water and air of the Nordic underworld. On its back, Sleipnir carries a very precious cargo: the fifth album by the Stoner Rock/Doomsters THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR, shortly and concisely titled V.!

The American duo has unleashed the artwork, track listing & release dates of the upcoming album as the Germanic-Father sends his messengers again!

V is out on November 24th US/CAN & December 1stin the UK via Napalm Records! It will also be available as a special LP edition with three exclusive bonus tracks!

V Track Listing:
1. Headwinds
2. Sidereal Course
3. The Casting
4. Nothing Stands Obscured
5. Gullveig
6. Archaic Rites
7. Beacon in black horizon

For More Info Visit:

The Flight of Sleipnir, Saga (2013)

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