Pord Premiere “What are Tuesdays For?” from New Album Wild


French noisemaking trio Pord made their full-length debut in 2011 with Valparaiso, but they’ve been around for more than a decade, doling out punker punishment on various EPs, splits and singles, continuing to hone a craft that, by now, finds them blending elements of heavy rock thrust and post-metal tonal claustrophobia while still staying true to a raw, aggressive root. Their second album, Wild, will be released via Solar Flare Records on Sept. 8, and it’s a short title that fairly well summarizes the course of the record’s 40-minute span. Not short on atmosphere but sacrificing nothing in terms of efficiency in their pummel, Pord unveil a vicious strain of noise that’s anchored by deep low end and positioned sonically for righteous defiance.

In early tracks like opener “Staring into Space” and “I’m Swimming Home,” that comes through with a linear, building intensity, but for a song like “What are Tuesday For?,” it’s more of a constant bleed. Maddening drum fills underscore the song, while deep-mixed vocals ask the all-pivotal question, “What the fuck are Tuesdays for?” It’s like a conceptual art piece pord wildfor disillusion, and truth be told, I have no answer. In my experience, Tuesday is the most hopeless day of the week, and where at least with Monday one has fond memories of the weekend to draw on, Tuesday is further removed from that and still too far from the coming weekend to look forward to that. What the fuck are Tuesdays for? Despair? Overpriced turkey sandwich lunches? Beats the hell out of me.

Fortunately, the song feels like it’s doing the same thing. Pord‘s aggro take finds some sway in the snide “My Bloody Galantine” or “Pools ‘n’ Chicks,” but “What are Tuesdays For?” is less about attitude and more about forward directed drive, the album proving richer for being as multifaceted as it is before rounding out with the churning chaos of the 11-minute “On the Couch.” If you need to check out “What are Tuesdays For?” more than once to really get a feel for it, do so. It’s easy to feel outpaced by the song or like Pord — the trio of Mike, Max and Seb — are coming at you from multiple sides at once, but once you get a handle for the tension and release in the track, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea what the rest of your day is for.

Please enjoy:

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Pord‘s Wild was recorded by Serge Morattel at Rec Studio in Geneva and is available now to preorder through Solar Flare on CD and LP. Album is out Sept. 8 with a European tour to follow. More info at the links:

Pord on Thee Facebooks

Pord on Bandcamp

Solar Flare Records

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