Earthling Society to Release England Have My Bones in August

Originally set to come out today, June 30, the new Earthling Society full-length, England Have My Bones, will be out in August on Riot Season Records. The album, which is the band’s eighth in a decade, boasts an Alice Coltrane cover and is loaded with sonic imagery far more colorful than the industrialized artwork would have you believe. It’s two tracks per side on the vinyl or tape — both available now to preorder — as the space rockers bliss out in classic exploratory fashion in a mode they’ve solidified across their sundry records, most of which have shown up on Nasoni.

That affiliation is usually enough on its own for me to want to check out a band, but if you haven’t heard Earthling Society before, dig the take on “Journey in Satchidananda” below for some time well spent:

Earthling Society are a Kosmische quartet that in the main hail from of of the most un-Kosmische areas of North West England, Fleetwood. A town so bleak you literally can’t drive through it; sticking out of the British Isles like a crippled dick into the the murkiest part of the Irish sea.

Here, Earthling Society built there lo-fi studio in an old deserted glass factory and since 2004 have recorded a number of albums under the influence of mushrooms, cheap speed and cheaper beer. Hoping for a few minutes to transport themselves from the reality of were they really live. Along they way they have hitched rides with Julian Cope, Hawkwind, Damo Suzuki, Guru Guru and Blue Cheer. England Have My Bones is their latest album of fuzzy space rock offerings with a dedication to their Coltrane idols in a freaked out version of ‘Journey in Satchidananda’.

title: England Have My Bones
label: Riot Season
formats: Vinyl LP & Download
catalogue # REPOSELP040
upc: 6 66017 27691 5
release date: August

A1. Aiwass (11:10)
A2. Tortuga (8:36)
B1. Journey In Satchidananda (15:16)
B2. England Have My Bones (4:30)

Earthling Society, “Journey in Satchidananda”

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  1. Adam says:

    Very trippy version of a version of a very trippy classic, one that featured the mind-bending drone of the tambura (which the cover has seemingly preserved), Alice Coltrane on harp like harp has never sounded before or since, the relentless groove of Cecil McBee’s bass line, and the incomparable Pharaoh Sanders on sax. Brilliant selection. Be sure to check out the original.

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