Doctor Cyclops Go Behind-the-Scenes in New Documentary

By way of a confession, I’ve had the World in Sound release of Doctor Cyclops‘ latest and debut outing, Oscuropasso, on my stack to review longer than I care to admit. I’m trying. In the meantime, though, the Italian heavy trio have unveiled a new documentary by Barnabil Produzioni that goes behind the scenes with the first five years of the band, showing backstage footage, live footage, travel shenanigans, and interviews to give the trad rockers’ perspective on where they are and the passion that drives what they do.

It’s called Borgopasso: Doctor Cyclops Not the Movie, which I guess is the band’s way of reserving the right to have a longer movie about themselves come out down the line and not have it be a sequel? Not sure what’s going on there, but it’s a cool and stylized look at the trio anyway, and whether you’re a fan of the Oscuropasso or someone unfamiliar, it tells a story I think a lot of people can relate to in terms of music defining a key part of their lives.

Check it out below, followed by the band’s announcement of its release and their tour dates for later this month:

Borgopasso: Doctor Cyclops Not the Movie

Ladies & Gentlemen, dogs & cats, stoned and boozes… We are more than proud to introduce you the first-ever documentary about Doctor Cyclops. It celebrates the first five years of activity of our band. Directed by our friend and film-maker Luca Chinaglia and produced by his own company Barnabil Produzioni, it’s been shot during a tour between Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria last may and october 2013… The Bruch Brothers, Le Brin de Zinc, United Club, Mark Kulturzentrum, Freysitz Bar, Ann-and Pat and probably your good self are surely involved…. Enjoy and please help us sharing it!

Doctor Cyclops will take a new Swiss/German tour [this] month. Here it is…”The German Crossing part II”. Will you join us?

16.05: (IT) Mondovì@Ca’ di matt
17.05: (CH) St.Gallen@Rumpeltum
18.05: (CH) Luzern@Bruch Brothers
21.05: (DE) Wurzburg@Immerhin
22.05: (DE) Hamlar@Rockmusic
23.05: (DE) Berlin@Jagerklause
24.05: (DE) Zwickau@Ugly Bar

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  1. Nick Soapdish says:

    I suspect they have called it ‘Doctor Cyclops Not The Movie’, because the band share their name with a B movie from 1940 – so I’m guessing it’s a light-hearted nod to that… maybe?

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