The Disease Concept’s Your Destroyer Available to Preorder

So the way I understand it is this: The Disease Concept — whose 2012 debut, Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel (review here), still delights on those occasions when decency just won’t do — are putting out their second album, Your Destroyer, on CD through Goatskull Records. It’s available now to preorder, and Totem Cat released it on vinyl last year. Meanwhile, Totem Cat has picked up Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel for vinyl and The Disease Concept‘s third full-length, Pain Clinic, has already been put to tape in the band’s usual show-up-with-nothing-get-fucked-up-and-make-an-album method and there are plans in the works already for a follow-up to that. This is what happens when you have a band of people who enjoy hanging out and making records.

In case you’ve never had a chance to sample The Disease Concept‘s gleefully filthy wares, I’ve included the track “Living at Home and Hiding from the Government” from Your Destroyer below. The Disease Concept is vocalist Jesse KlingĀ (Morbid Wizard, Sollubi), guitarists Dave Szulkin (Blood Farmers) and Tommy Southard (Solace), bassist Rob Hultz (Solace, Trouble, The Swill), and drummer Corey Bing (Fistula, Morbid Wizard, etc.), and they proffer scumbag sludge with every bit of nastiness one might expect from their pedigree.

They had this to say about the upcoming on their Thee Facebooks:

The Disease Concept – Your Destroyer cd pre-order

Disease Concept’s Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel will be released on Totem Cat this summer on vinyl..Your Destroyer is coming out on cd on Goat Skull (pre orders are up)..then the 3rd album Pain Clinic will be mixed and then released on a label tba..also could be released on Totem Cat too on 12″ wax…..after some of these things surface…Disease Concept will be entering the studio to record album number 4….more soon…

we will get our albums available on bandcamp when the releases have been out for a while..its a slow process for us…we are scattered..but soon

Bing,Kling,Southard,Szulkin,and Hultz

The Disease Concept, “Living at Home and Hiding from the Government”

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