Mangoo Release The Road to Calabash Tour Documentary

In Oct. 2013, Finnish heavy psych rockers Mangoo set about on a tour that took them from England, to France, to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium alongside UK-based heavy proggers Enos and Marseille riffers Rescue Rangers. Now, it’s not out of the ordinary that some manner of video footage from the tour would surface — a cellphone clip of some inside-joke shenanigans or of course the always-welcome staple of gig videos, sound quality in varying levels of blown out. Shaky-cam galore.

Mangoo play it a little differently. On New Year’s Day, the Turku five-piece released The Road to Calabash, a documentary that shares its name with the tour itself and which chronicles the three bands’ 12 days on the road together, directed by Mangoo guitarist/vocalist Pickles and filmed by him as well, along with drummer/vocalist Teemu. Not surprisingly, Mangoo‘s music features pretty heavily, but you can get away with that when it’s your documentary and you shot, edited and toured the whole thing.

I don’t know if following them across Europe for 12-days-distilled-to-70-minutes is the best way to get introduced if you haven’t already heard the band, but it’s a cool project anyway and worth checking out:

Mangoo, The Road to Calabash tour documentary

In late 2013 the band Mangoo toured the rock clubs of Europe, this is the documented story.

Directed by Pickles
Filmed by Pickles and Teemu
Edited by Pickles
Produced by Pickles
Visual Effects Supervisor Pickles

Mangoo are:
Vocals, Guitar Pickles
Bass, Vocals Igor
Drums, Vocals Teemu
Lead Guitar Mattarn
Synths, Vocals Nicke

Enos are:
Vocals and Guitar Chris
Guitar Sean
Bass Bungle
Drums Sparky

Rescue Rangers are:
Vocals and Guitar Pascal
Drums Pierr
Bass Christophe

Mangoo and Isaak appears courtesy of Small Stone Recordings
Enos appears courtesy of Stargun music
Rescue Rangers appears courtesy of Trendkill Recordings

Mangoo Website

Mangoo on Thee Facebooks

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