The Heavy Co. Post Video for “What’s Eating Harry Lee?”

Indiana-based riffers The Heavy Co. have a new live EP in the works. Cleverly-titled The Uno Dose, it’ll be the trio’s second live outing behind their 2012 digital release, Live at Lafayette Brewing Company. To mark the occasion of the coming release, the wheres and whens of the recording for which are still something of a mystery, not to mention who’s playing bass on it, they’ve put together a video for the song “What’s Eating Harry Lee?” as the first glimpse at the set.

Near as I can tell from the clip, The Heavy Co.‘s approach to semi-psych laid back grooving is well intact from their 2013 debut full-length, Midwest Electric (review here). The song continues their unassuming sensibility in a restrained but still moving nod, guitarist/vocalist Ian Gerber‘s voice hinting at classic heavy rock swagger over the mid-paced push. They’re an easy band to listen to for heavy rock heads, but as the album had a deceptive stylistic breadth to it, I’d be surprised if “What’s Eating Harry Lee?” tells the full story of The Uno Dose upon the EP’s March 1 arrival.

Until then, here’s the video and some info about it, the EP and where it was recorded:

The Heavy Co., “What’s Eating Harry Lee?” video

Here’s the first look at our video project that we’ve been working on. On top of that, it’s a completely new song.

Here’s the first glimpse of our upcoming live EP, entitled “The Uno Dose EP”, due out March 1, 2014.

You know that line from ‘The Humboldt County Waltz’ that says ‘The one thing in life that I really need is a stash like Willie’s and some room to breath”?

Yeah? Well, Hooker Corner is one of those places and we are VERY thankful to Mark and Autumn for putting us up and helping us do this.

Recorded live at Hooker Corner by Mark McGregor
Mixed by Jeff Kaleth
Video editing by Ian Gerber

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  1. Ian Gerber says:

    The current THC line up is:

    Ian Gerber – Vocals/Guitar
    Jeff Kaleth – Drums
    Michael Naish – Bass

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