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Copenhagen trio Rising made their full-length debut in 2011 on Exile on Mainstream with the hard-hitting To Solemn Ash. The album (streamed here) found itself embroiled in post-Mastodon semi-technical tonal heft, but where Rising really distinguished themselves was in their ability to lock down a galloping pace, and its precisely that metallic ideology that arrives most developed on their 38-minute second outing, Abominor, which is released through their own Indisciplinarian imprint today, Nov. 4.

Whether it’s the build-into-full-run of “Vengeance is Timeless” or the classically punkish charge of “Suffering Nameless,” Rising also have stripped down the production some from what it was their last time out, and where To Solemn Ash was big and pounding, Abominor takes a more natural-sounding approach. This is well-suited to the gruff vocals of bassist Henrik Hald — who along with drummer Jacob Johansen has since left the band, only to have guitarist Jacob Krogholt rejoined by original drummer Martin Niemann.

If there was friction in the band during the writing and recording, Abominor hardly shows it. Though it’s less concerned with melody than was its predecessor, and one might read clues to some imbalance in various parts if one tries really, really hard, the harmonized vocals in “The Hills Below” and the driving stomp of opener “The Disdain” sound no less vital than did Rising their last time out. If anything, the rougher-hewn production dirties up their aesthetic a bit and makes album-centerpiece “Leech” all the more vicious, while also adding a more individualized feel.

It’s up in the air where Krogholt and Niemann might take Rising from here, but Abominor (released in a 180 gram LP edition of 300) serves both as a summation of what this lineup was able to accomplish and as a potential clue to what might come next. Please find the full album on the player below, followed by some commentary from Krogholt, and enjoy:

Rising, Abominor (2013)

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Jacob Krogholt on Abominor:

So this is the new RISING album Abominor streaming here at The Obelisk. It’s the second album from the band (after an EP and a 7”), the last from this particular lineup and the first release on my newly formed INDISCIPLINARIAN. Confused? Explanation: The album is the last with the lineup that also recorded our first album To Solemn Ash and the Legacy of Wolves 7″. In the time from after the first album and up to the recording of the new album, we grew apart on several levels, and after the recordings, the other two members left the band. Nonetheless we managed to do this last album together, which I’m damn proud of.

Abominor is a somewhat harsher and more aggressive album than TSA, but it’s still very much RISING. It’s coming out as the first release on my label INDISCIPLINARIAN, so I’m kinda multitasking here! The label will put out a couple of awesome releases next year as well.

As for RISING, it’s NOT the end. I’m continuing the band with our original drummer Martin Niemann, with whom I formed the band back in 2008. We’re writing new stuff at rapid speed, it feels and sounds awesome, and we hope to complete a new line-up, record and perform live in the course of 2014. Until then, have a listen to the last output from the first chapter of RISING, which is the nine songs of Abominor. And many thanks to The Obelisk for putting it up — Hope you enjoy!

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