Spiritual Beggars Take a Little Time in New Video for “Turn the Tide”

Perhaps it’s a mark of my own nerd-dom, but I haven’t heard the phrase “turn the tide” since The Two Towers came out and not thought of Lord of the Rings. Actually, there’s no “perhaps” about it: It’s definitely a mark of my nerd-dom. In any case, a new clip has emerged from Swedish heavy rock forebears Spiritual Beggars — whose lineup has changed but whose mission of paying homage to the best of heavy ’70s classics while keeping a modern edge has remained steady lo these last 20 years — for the song “Turn the Tide,” and whatever my sci-fi/fantasy associations might be with the title, there’s very little about it that has to do with elfin magic.

If that sounds like a disappointment, it’s not. Aside from being a lesson in frantic editing and how to use psychedelic effects and bleeds to make performance footage look more exciting — why you’d watch this Spiritual Beggars clip on YouTube versus any other one, let’s say — it’s got that singer-walking-down-the-street-mouthing-the-lyrics thing going as well, and that’s always a good time.

Enjoy the clip below, followed by PR wire-style info and tour dates:

Spiritual Beggars, “Turn the Tide” official video

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS ­ “Turn The Tide” video-clip launched; tour dates coming up soon!

In the light of upcoming tour dates later this month, Sweden’s Classic-Rock heavyweights SPIRITUAL BEGGARS are now launching an new video clip for the song “Turn The Tide”, coming off their acclaimed 8th studio album, “Earth Blues“, released in April 2013 via InsideOutMusic.

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS’ guitarist and main songwriter Michael Amott checked in to comment on the clip:

“Excited to have a second video off our ‘Earth Blues’ opus – just in time before we hit the road in Europe and Japan in October/November! We filmed this video in Mexico City and Cologne, Germany earlier this year while Martin Björnlund of Flat Feet Productions did a superb job on a heavy & psychedelic edit back home in Sweden.”

Here is an overview of all upcoming shows for SPIRITUAL BEGGARS in 2013

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – “Earth Blues” Tour 2013
11.10.2013 Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro Live
12.10.2013 Thessaloniki (Greece) – Eightball
20.10.2013 Saitama City (Japan) – Loud Park festival 2013

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – “Earth Blues” Tour 2013 + PURSON :
25.10.2013 Siegburg (Germany) – Kubana
26.10.2013 Roermond (The Netherlands) – ECI Cultuurfabriek
27.10.2013 Bremen (Germany) – Tivoli
29.10.2013 Weinheim (Germany) – Café Central
30.10.2013 Esch sur Alzette (Luxemburg) – Kulturfabrik
31.10.2013 Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) – De Borderij
01.11.2013 Lille (France) – Splendid
02.11.2013 Hasselt (Belgium) – Muziekodroom


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