Dali’s Llama Celebrating 20 Years in the Desert with a Wild Rumpus

Palm Springs desert rockers Dali’s Llama, led by Zach and Erica Huskey , will celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band on Oct. 5. They’re throwing a killer party to mark the occasion, and before you ask, yes of course it’s in the desert. Forest music they are not, though their last album, 2012’s Autumn Woods (review here), leaned that way a bit in its atmosphere.

I’ve gone on before about how I consider Dali’s Llama‘s ethic of following their passion for two decades deeply, richly admirable and inspiring, so I’ll spare you that, but suffice it to say that even in a realm of the underground where people say they are on their own path all the time, Dali’s Llama actually are. And they have been for a long, long time. 20 years, or so I’m told. Kudos. One of these days I’ll get to interview Zach or Erica. Maybe for the next record, which never seems to be far off.

The cast of characters they’ve assembled to help them celebrate two decades at what they’ve awesomely decided to call “Dali’s Llama’s Wild Rumpus” reads like a desert wishlist for people you’d want to have show up to a party. Lineup, link and a cool Skillit poster follow:

Dali’s Llama’s Wild Rumpus

Celebrating 20 Years Underground
13 Bands (only $5)
at The Palms in Wonder Valley
All Ages • Bar with ID
Free Overnight Camping
Bands start at 2:00 pm!

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our band’s 20th Anniversary with a gathering of friends, music & fun.

Dali’s Llama

Rubber Snake Charmers
(feat Mario Lalli & family + special guests)

The Freeks
(former members Nebula, Fu Manchu, Backbiter, The Angry Samoans)

Ultra Electric Mega Galactic
(former/current Monster Magnet, Sasquatch, Trash Titan)

(members of Solarfeast & The Jack Saints)

Rise of the Willing
(high desert DOOM masters!)

Whiskey and Knives
(desert stoner/punk kings!)

Brave Black Sea
(former members Kyuss, QOTSA & Slo Burn)

Undead Cuervo
(L.A. stoner rock!)

Caveman Voicebox
(feat member of The Adolescents)

Hit It!
(like early Redd Kross)

and special acoustic performances by

Joe Dillon & Scott Brooks
(The Hot Beat Duo!)

Josh Heinz
(the Big Daddy of Blasting Echo)

After the show there will be a free informal test screening of the music documentary “Lo Sound Desert”.


Dali’s Llama, Autumn Woods (2012)

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2 Responses to “Dali’s Llama Celebrating 20 Years in the Desert with a Wild Rumpus”

  1. Zach says:

    As usual sir, you are too kind. You are right about the line up though. We are extremely lucky to have great friends in such cool bands. Thank you for the nice words!

  2. Rawbone says:

    I’m rearin’ to rock at the Rumpus. Soooo many cool bands and, of course, our gracious hosts: DALI’S LLAMA! I gotta get the t-shirt, yeah.

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