Cosmic Trip Machine Release Golden Horus Name on Nasoni Records

My unrequited nerddom of Nasoni Records continues. The ultra-respected German purveyor of psychedelic fare has issued the new long-player from Belgian lysergians Cosmic Trip Machine. Dubbed Golden Horus Name and entrenched in a narrative that you can get a feel for in the PR wire info below, it’s richly progressive in the post-Floyd sense, textured and purposeful in the way its sprawl develops, with heavier flourishes of guitar coming on for a song like “Let Your Eye Come Down,” which you can also hear at the Cosmic Trip Machine Bandcamp, also linked here.

And while we’re at it, audio follows as well, so you can get a feel for some of the fascinating weirdness the band have on offer.

Dig if ya dig:

February 2008, Cosmic Trip Machine, named in tribute to 60’s and 70’s records, started by recording one album, shortly after Will Z. and Majnun first group split (with angry quarrels and strong divergence in opinion). The two friends collected materials for an opus called Lord Space Devil, a never-completed project began in December 2000 (unreleased songs, instrumentals, experimental and conceptual ideas).

The Golden Horus Name project is the return of Cosmic Trip Machine on stage then, from May 2012, in studio, with a new line-up. The album tells two different stories melted: the celestial cow Egyptian myth in broad outline and the story of Barrington, a cursed rock star, a Great Pharaoh reincarnation, who lived in the Swinging London and fell into a deep depression. The character is directly inspired by the life of the musician Ramases who recorded during the 60’s and the 70’s some singles and two beautiful albums. Golden Horus Name is a return to heaviest roots of the band, with progressive structures.

You can listen to extracts on Cosmic Trip Machine bandcamp:

And read more about the project on Cosmic official website:

Cosmic Trip Machine, Golden Horus Name (2013)

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