audiObelisk: Stream Primitive Man’s Scorn in its Entirety

Spitting its extremity in fits of grinding intensity offset by tense, sludge-encrusted lurch, Scorn makes a fittingly titled Relapse Records debut for Denver, Colorado, three-piece Primitive Man. The album clocks just on this side of 40 minutes, but when you’re in it, there are times — looking at you, the noisily experimental “I Can’t Forget” and “Black Smoke” — where you feel as though the atmosphere the band has created is filling your lungs and there’s no getting out. If you want oppressive, they’ve got it down.

To wit, the 11:45 opening title-track. It’s the longest on the record (immediate bonus points) and it encapsulates the various forms of rage Primitive Man — on the album listed as the trio of vocalist/guitarist Ethan Lee McCarthy alongside drummer¬†Isidro “Spy” Soto¬†and bassist Jonathan Campos — whether it’s the fast-moving massiveness that later shows up on “Stretched Thin” or the blackened plod of closer “Astral Sleep.” Through the viscous, misanthropic morass, Primitive Man maintain an inhuman tonal largesse excellently captured by Dave Otero (see also Cephalic Carnage) at Flatline Studio, and show a flexibility of approach mirrored only by the uncompromising spirit of anger for which Scorn is presumably named.

Side B launch-point and tracklisting centerpiece “Antietam” winds up singularly impressive as tonal bombs are dropped amid deep echoing rasp and slow crashing, and it’s with a smoothness much more subtle hand than the pummel-you-into-pulp effect might lead you to believe that Primitive Man shift into faster churning. The band self-released Scorn earlier this year, but it is due out for Relapse one week from today, on Aug. 20, and I’m fortunate to have the pleasure of hosting a full stream to mark the occasion.

You’ll find Scorn on the player below, and not a little of it:

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Primitive Man‘s Scorn is due out Aug. 20, 2013, via Relapse Records on CD and LP as well as digital. More info is available at the following links.

Primitive Man on Thee Facebooks

Relapse Records

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