Frydee Wovenhand

Wovenhand, Wovenhand (2002)

This isn’t the first time I’ve ended a week with Wovenhand, but I cracked open the laptop and after half an hour of perusal nothing else seemed to do the trick, so the self-titled it is. Still one of the best performances I’ve ever caught was the David Eugene Edwards-fronted outfit at Roadburn 2011. I haven’t gone to see them since because I think the crowd would be too cool and bum me out. I know that makes me a loser. Insert some cliche about losers losing here.

They’re not a band I talk about a lot, but I love this album. There aren’t a lot of discs in my collection or out I’d trade it for.

Speaking of my CDs, they’re in boxes in the next room. We moved yesterday — oh my fucking god was it really only one day ago? — and while I had to basically go back to work today, of course without actually going, The Patient Mrs. stepped up and did a ton of unpacking. There are a lot of house-y things we need — from HDMI cables to a mat for the bathroom floor to one of those plastic things you put in the drawer to stop the forks and knives and spoons from getting all mixed up; also I need a desk to work at so I’m not on the dining room table all next week like I was today — but at least we’re up here, in Massachusetts. The development in which resides this condo we rented is also close enough behind a Lowe’s that I could walk to all my home improvement needs should I decide to do so. I haven’t yet, but again, we’ve only been here a day.

Work was stressful, but it’s going to be for a while, and it’s stressful anyway, so there you go. I was glad to get a review up, even if it was short and later in the day — again, The Patient Mrs. was doing me favors as I chipped away at our first Friday night in our new place with the clacky-clacky — since it’s that kind of thing that keeps me sane through a bigger change than my never-lived-anywhere-but-the-county-I-was-born ass has ever known. One I wanted and needed to make, but still. Big. I hooked up the coffee maker this morning, had three cups. Still fairly beat though. One in the morning. Dog snoring. Music on. There’s a farmer’s market in town in the morning that we might try to hit up. Fingers crossed for pesto.

Monday I’m going to my first show as a resident up here. Admiral Browning are coming up from Maryland to play in Leominster, and I’ll hit that up for a good time, review it on Tuesday. Also look out for a review of the Ape Machine record, that Blaak Heat Shujaa interview, a list running down some of my picks for the rest of 2013 and plenty more as I continue to get settled in the new environs.

Have a great and safe weekend.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Love Wovenhand and DEE. Fell in love with him in his 16 Horsepower days.

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