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Unida, The Great Divide (2001)

It was a pretty noisy day, but at the end of it, I wound up with the desert on my mind, so to close out it’s the lost Unida album from 2001, The Great Divide. I’ve seen a few different incarnations of this album, which was to be the band’s debut on American Recordings before being shelved following producer Rick Rubin‘s move from Sony to Island Def Jam, but whether it’s called The Great Divide or For the Working Man or presented as part of the El Coyote compilation, it’s stillĀ among the lost classics of desert rock, right there with Yawning Man‘s early demos, Across the River‘s demos and, well, the rest of the genre, I guess. Either way, “King” and “Glory Out” for a righteous win. Also, “Slaylina.” Also, the rest of the genre.


A quick time check has it heading toward two in the morning. Whoops. I got back a bit ago from seeing Tarpit Boogie, Infernal Overdrive, Black Thai and Mighty High — in that order — at The Grand Victory in Brooklyn, which was an excellent reminder of why it is I drag my ass out to shows in the first place. Good night with good friends, cool tunes and a great vibe all around. I’ll have a somewhat more comprehensive review with pics on Monday, but that’s the gist of it. Any night I get to see Mighty High play “Chemical Warpigs” is a good night.

Along with that, next week I’ll be reviewing the new Queens of the Stone Age, which is a post I’ve already been writing in my head for a couple weeks now. It’ll be a relief to exorcise that particular demon, though I don’t think even that will get those songs out of my head. “I sat by the ocean/And drank a potion, baby, to erase you…”

Keep an eye out for that if you’re so inclined. I’ve also got a slew of email interviews I need to get out. I’d say I’ll do that this weekend and hopefully have something back before next week is out, but I’m driving — wait for it — back up to Massachusetts tomorrow to continue the house hunt with The Patient Mrs., so whether or not I’ll actually have time on the other side of that, I don’t really know. Gotta find a place to live. Her job starts in September. Time’s a factor.

So while that’s taking some time, I nonetheless appreciate your continued support and checking in on the site, sharing links, posting stuff to Thee Facebooks, retweeting or favoriting or whatever it is one does on Twitter (I’m still not really sure yet what’s going on over there, but I appreciate everybody who’s followed me so far), emailing — I’m still caught up on emails! — commenting, really any kind of interacting or even just clicking a link to get here and checking it out, it’s all mind-boggling to meĀ  and I’m astounded and grateful.

Wherever you are and wherever you might be headed, I wish you a great and safe weekend. As always, we’ll see you back here Monday for more good times. Until then, I’ll be digging on these:

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