audiObelisk: Stream Roadburn 2013 Sets from Black Magician, Candybar Planet, Castle, Crown, Maserati and Dirk Serries: Microphonics

The second batch of Roadburn 2013 audio streams has been loosed, and if nothing else, it’s a grouping that shows just how far out the reach of the Netherlands-based annual festival has grown. From the ultra-British doom of Black Magician (above) to the American cultistry of Castle, riff rock of Candybar Planet and ambient experimentalism of Dirk Serries (aka Vidna Obmana), Roadburn 2013 cast a wide net, and though I didn’t get to actually see all of these acts, it’s reassuring to know each year that even the stuff I missed is accounted for and recorded for posterity.

Consider the rest of the afternoon spoken for:

Black Magician – Live at Roadburn 2013

Candybar Planet – Live at Roadburn 2013

Castle – Live at Roadburn 2013

Crown – Live at Roadburn 2013

Maserati – Live at Roadburn 2013

Dirk Serries: Microphonics – Live at Roadburn 2013

If you missed them, check out the first batch of Roadburn 2013 audio streams here.

Thanks as always to Walter and the Roadburn crew for allowing me to host these streams and to Marcel van de Vondervoort and his team for recording them in the first place. Hope you enjoy.

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