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Tuber, “Smoked up Notes”

I was clicking through various stuff on ye olde Tubes of You, looking for something to close out the week, and just kind of stumbled on Greek instrumentalists Tuber. I’d never heard the band before and I dug the name and the title “Smoked Up Notes,” which is oddly evocative for being so blatantly stoner rock — think burnt papers in tandem with burnt brain cells — or maybe it’s just late and I’m reading more into it because that’s fun sometimes.

Either way, we end the week with the four-piece Tuber, who hail from Serres in Greece and put out a self-titled EP — or what they call an EP; it’s 38 minutes long when you include the bonus track — last year on transparent orange vinyl that’s apparently sold out of physical copies but still available for free download from their Bandcamp, if you’re so inclined. Hell, here’s the whole thing, just for fun:

Quite an age we live in. Got its ups and downs, like anything, but the rock is good — and nearly ubiquitous — so that’s alright.

This week ends pretty much the same as last week. Nearly exactly the same, actually, except for the fact that I’m one floor down in the same hotel in Providence, not writing about Jeff Hanneman‘s passing, and instead of a window outside, there’s a mirror in front of the desk so I get to see the bags under my eyes as I type and the grey slowly but surely making its way into my beard. One here, two there, The Patient Mrs. playing with the little dog Dio in the background. Things have been far worse.

There are a bunch of shows in Boston this weekend, as seems to be the case every weekend I’m here — that bodes well for the eventual move — but like last Saturday, tomorrow we’ll pretty much be looking at a couple houses about an hour outside of the city, being sad that they’re sinking into the earth, and then heading back south to Jersey. This week was relatively quiet, but next Wednesday, I’m going to see The Book of Knots in Brooklyn, and that’s going to be amazing. They’ve only done one or two shows — they did one in Manhattan when they put out their second, and I think, best album, Traineater — so it’s a rare thing and not something I was willing to miss. There’s so much talent in that band they’re terrifying, and that only covers Carla Kihlstedt, let alone Josh Hamilton, Tony Maimone, Mattias Bossi or any of what I’m sure will be a slew of guests joining in on the fun. Got my fingers crossed former Giraffes singer Aaron Lazar shows up for “Third Generation Pink Slip,” which, to be sure, is where it’s at.

Also next week, I’ll see if I can bang out reviews for Kylesa and Cathedral, though they might be like 50 words apiece if my current disdain for Haulix holds sway. Digital promos. Way to take the thing I love most in the universe and turn it into a fucking hassle. Music: It used to be what I relished spending every day thinking about, now it takes up the real estate on my desktop. The music industry is a continuous, never-ending spiral of terrible. I mean it.

I’m sure people said the same shit when they stopped sending LPs, or when press releases started coming over via email. They weren’t any more wrong then than I am now, it just means I’m old. There are probably other writers out there who like the convenience. Bah.

But those are “big” records and they probably deserve a few words, so even though I’ve got people sending me discs from France, Finland and Australia — literally the other side of the planet — I should be expected to push that aside to cover whatever it is that I’m not cool enough to get a track premiere of this week.

These are first world problems and I’ve bummed myself out thinking about them. More than 1,000 people died in that Bangladeshi building collapse, some probably sewing my fat-guy-sized t-shirts together, and here I am bitching because I don’t get free CDs anymore. I’ve always been a selfish bastard.

I hope you have an awesome, safe weekend, and I hope you stopped reading back when I was talking about how great it’ll be to see The Book of Knots on Wednesday. Hope to catch you on the forum and back here Monday for more gleeful jubilation.

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    The Book of Knots. Thank you, kind mister Taskmaster!

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