First Video of New Vista Chino Song Surfaces

In one of the last shows they’ll play under the Kyuss Lives! moniker, Vista Chino joined forces with Orange Goblin and Red Fang (god damn that’s a good show) at the Metro in Sydney, Australia on Feb. 27. All three bands and many others are down that way for the massive Soundwave festival, and Vista Chino closed their pre-encore set with — wait for it — a new song. The title is either “Dragona” or “Gakona,” but likely it’ll be something else entirely by the time their new album streets, so it probably doesn’t matter yet anyway. Joining drummer Brant Bjork, guitarist Bruno Fevery and vocalist John Garcia was C.O.C.‘s Mike Dean on bass.

Here’s their full setlist:

One Inch Man
Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop
Green Machine
Freedom Run
El Rodeo

Allen’s Wrench

I know I already closed out the week, and I hope if this isn’t actually the first video of new Vista Chino someone will correct me, but seeing this, it was too cool not to post. The video’s a little rough (shot on an iPhone), but it should still be enough to give a general idea until something a little cleaner surfaces, which it’s bound to do. Till then, dig you some of this:

Vista Chino, “Dragona” Live in Sydney, Feb. 27, 2013

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8 Responses to “First Video of New Vista Chino Song Surfaces”

  1. dls says:

    Sorry Josh, but from what I can hear it sounds like Kyuss, can’t wait!

  2. goAt says:

    At 1:24 iPhone guy gets taste of his own medicine :)…sweet jam…but really, is anyone around here gonna say otherwise? Mike Dean BONUS!

  3. Imij says:

    Cool that Mike Dean is there, but I thought Nick was back in the band. Any explanation for his absence?

  4. Mr Chris says:

    Nick is still in the band…but legalities keep him from leaving the US. When I saw them in Guelph, ON, Canada a little over a yr ago they had Scott Reeder on bass duties…and trust me as much as I enjoy Nick, Reeder’s the man :)

  5. Mr Chris says:

    YouTube Kyuss Lives Guelph, and check it for yourself :)

  6. so cal joe says:

    I think nicked missed Australia this time around cuz he was getting mondo ready for SXSW in austin. but ur right, I know the legal problems is what kept him away afew months ago, hence reeder filling in. For soundwave, I was like wtf, who is this guy on stage now haha. I was glad to see billy cordell replace reeder. hes a cool guy and played bass for brant. I just don’t care much for reeder or homme. im happy vista chino is who they r now, and they moved away frm all this drama. they don’t need josh or anything affiliated with him anymore

  7. BroCal says:

    They don’t need Josh or Reeder?! Ok so cal joe, they just needed the name because they didn’t have the balls to start something new, i.e. Slow Burn, Che’. Vista Chino sounds like the name of a Docker’s pant, pleated.

  8. Mason says:

    Vista Chino is a road right when u enter Palm Springs off the hwy 10. They have the balls – they just love what kyuss did, those are classic songs. So go listen to your QOTSA – Queers of the Suck Ass cd douchebag. PS Homme is a douchebag too!

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