Wino Wednesday: Saint Vitus, “Dying Inside” in New Orleans with Phil Anselmo, 2009

Yeah, it hasn’t been that long since the last time I had Saint Vitus‘ “Dying Inside” as the Wino Wednesday pick, but there are two key differences: One, this clip of the song, which was filmed during a New Orleans warmup show prior to their leaving to play Roadburn in 2009, features guest vocals in the chorus by Down frontman Phil Anselmo (he used to be in some metal band as well, I can’t remember). Two, whatever, it’s Saint Vitus. A second reason need not apply.

Though if you actually want one, another reason to highlight this clip specifically is for drummer Armando Acosta. The number of shows he played with Vitus upon their resurgence in ’09 was few, just the European run that included Roadburn and one or two warmups beforehand. By the time they came through New York in the fall, Acosta was out and Henry Vasquez was in. The reason I didn’t point it out initially though is that the video itself is pretty dark and Acosta can barely be seen. Still, he’s there and you can hear him no problem — as, I’m sure, could people three blocks down the way from One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, where this gig took place.

And of course, “Dying Inside” is just one of several anthems from 1986’s Born too Late LP, along with the title-track and “The War Starter.” Wino‘s first release with the band in place of vocalist Scott Reagers is one of the all-time most classic albums in doom, so yeah, looking for excuses to post a song from it is probably pointless to begin with. Happy Wino Wednesday:

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    Jesus, sums up how I feel this morning after Graveyard last night…;)

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