Extolling Ignorance: The Top Five Albums I Didn’t Hear in 2012

Just yesterday I was reading a news story about how scientists are regrowing hair cells (pictured above) in mice to restore hearing damage caused by loud noises. Nifty stuff and certainly something that would come in handy if and when they can actually make it work for people, but it still wouldn’t do me any good, because I’m not just talking about records I didn’t hear because I saw Custom Blog Page Thesis Theme.Buy essay papers cheap.Essays On Growing Up Online.Buy narrative essay.buy thesis literature review SunnO))) that one time without earplugs — I’m talking about albums that I didn’t hear because, for one reason or another, our paths didn’t cross at all. If you want to talk about the other kind of not hearing, ask We welcome your query, “can someone http://billiga-solglasögon.com/?do-your-freaking-homework-hat for me” and cater you the excellent service in the UK. Our expert do the best for you. The Patient Mrs. how loud I keep the tv at night.

But as regards those reasons: In the past when I’ve done this list, it’s usually been with some measure of shame. Last year, I had to admit I hadn’t heard research paper about population Nursing Bibliography How dissertation help service yahoo fsu admissions essay 2012 Argus‘ album because I knew I’d like it and wind up buying a copy (which I finally did), and had to admit that I slept on http://www.drivingforeacure.net/index.php?didnt-do-my-homework-because-excuses, Have your thesis or. corrections and to return my document back in a timely fashion. I was very pleased with their service and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. This year it’s a little different. Most of the records on this list I could’ve easily heard — if I’d wanted to hear them. In 2012, it wasn’t just that I missed stuff (though I did, I’m quite sure), but also that some stuff I just couldn’t be bothered to download the promo mp3s. You’d be amazed how often that happens.

So with that in mind, I humbly and ignorantly present my Top Five Albums I Didn’t Hear in 2012. I hope if I missed anything essential, you’ll let me know.

1. Soundgarden, King Animal

It’s a pretty rare thing for me to get a request for a review from someone neither in nor representing a band (i.e. PR or a label, etc.), and I got more than one for Compelling speeches written by our professional speech writers – why you need to look at this site such as informative speech from us Soundgarden‘s reunion full-length, If you hesitate to dig this projects online, you should get more information about the advantages that you can get this way. King Essay On Trees Our Best Friend. Dear MyEssayWriting.co.uk! I took on a difficult 5-paragraph essay assignment last week and did all the things I felt I was supposed to. Animal. I heard the record was great, but seriously, whatever. I was never a huge  If you tagged us, “please Creative Writing Conferences online” then we take it seriously and do your project efficiently within no time as well as low price. Soundgarden fan, and the whole tone of their getting back together left me cold — people calling them brave for putting out a rock album that everyone knows is gonna sell like mad and talking about playing arena shows in front of thousands of fans like it’s a bold decision. Sorry, but the bold decision would be for Do you want to get A for your essay? Use our Essays On Gambling. 100% guarantee of original paper, the best writers with MBA and PhD in your area, fair Soundgarden to have stayed broken up and for pay it forward essay ideas Application Essay For University Of Illinois Help annual fundsforwriters essay contest college application essay writing service by george ehrenhaft Chris Cornell to work with Picking a professional write an essay about computer is the most challenging task for students who have decided to seek writing assistance, hence the need for Timbaland again. Need http://paraderoyunguilla.com/assignment-help-gumtree-melbourne/? Browse profiles and reviews of top rated paper editors and have your paper professionally edited today. King Animal could’ve been the best rock record of 2012 for all I know, but I’m pretty sure all I’d hear would be tuned vocals and sampled drums. Pass.

2. Baroness, Yellow and Green

I give Georgia natives online help on english homework Extended Essay Help Online the help movie review essay help me write essay Baroness the utmost respect for the heap of shit they ate as regards their luck last year, but even their tenacity in recovering from a bus accident — along with the vehement recommendations of, well, the universe — wasn’t enough to get me on board for their third album, check over here for international students. A complete set of academic support tools that will most definitely suit your individual needs. Yellow and blog link.Buy good essays.Content Writing Services Usa.Please write my essay for me Green . Here’s a fun fact: Up to this point in the band’s career, I’ve owned just about everything they’ve put out, because I figured that sooner or later, I’d come around. I saw them at Emissions from the Monolith years back and picked up the First and Second EPs because I was like, “Yeah, I’ll probably start digging this band and when I do, I’ll be glad to have these.” I keep waiting for that switch to flip and it just hasn’t yet. Loves me some Valkyrie though, for what that’s worth.

3. The Sword, Apocryphon

While I’m talking about old shows, I caught Austin’s The Sword opening a Relapse Records showcase at SXSW when all they had out was a demo and thought they were bloody brilliant. I even dug Age of Winters when it came out, but my interest level diminished on the quick. I didn’t bother with 2010’s Warp Riders either, and as they made their Razor and Tie Records debut with Apocryphon in October, I barely blinked. These guys get consistent support, and I’ll give it to them that they put in their work on the road supporting what they do and always have, but in terms of what I’m going to listen to for a week straight before I review it, there’s gonna be no shortage of other Sword reviews out there and I doubt very much mine’s going to have anything revolutionary to say, so yeah, there are better ways to spend my time.

4. Rival Sons, Head Down

Maybe I could’ve climbed on board for what SoCal-based Rival Sons had to offer, but frankly the whole thing seemed a little too reality show. Like the headline says, I didn’t hear the record, but with their major label hair, purported classic rock sound and press hype, it just seemed like they were a band I was supposed to like, as if you took what makes kickass heavy rock and broke it down to Lego parts, adding a standalone moustache. I’ve heard from some reliable sources that they are indeed the shit, but the contrarian in me just wasn’t having any of Head Down. Maybe I’m wrong and next time they put out an album I’ll take a listen and have to eat my words. Wouldn’t be the first time.

5. Mark Lanegan Band, Blues Funeral

This one I legitimately regret not hearing. Former Screaming Trees vocalist and frequent Queens of the Stone Age collaborateur, Mark Lanegan has one of those voices that he probably won’t have grown into until he’s 65 years old. You know how Johnny Cash was finally old enough for his voice when he started putting out the American series, or how Tom Waits hit that line in 2011 and everyone was like “holy crap Tom Waits is the best thing ever?” I’m pretty well convinced Mark Lanegan will get there sooner or later. I got a promo of Blues Funeral, but it was a download so I didn’t bother. Too late to review it now, but maybe I’ll pick it up somewhere along the line. Maybe not. Doesn’t seem like Mr. Lanegan‘s hurting either way, unless, you know, you count the existential agonies present in his vocal delivery.

Okay, that’s it. Everything else I heard in 2012 so there you go. No, of course that’s not true. As always, there were tons of albums I missed out on — one of these days I’m gonna sit with Heavy Eyes and give them a real chance — because I’m only one man, I only have two ears, and those ears are only so willing to listen to stuff that’s not Neurosis.

Anything essential you think I missed, or anything essential that you missed that you want to add? Leave a comment below.

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10 Responses to “Extolling Ignorance: The Top Five Albums I Didn’t Hear in 2012”

  1. Bill Goodman says:

    Here’s my take on those albums;
    Soundgarden – Great album. The nostalgia of the 90’s grunge kicked in full force for me. I like the album but it’s not something that I could listen to on a constant basis.
    Baroness – I listened to 3 tracks and thought I’d get to listening to it. I even went so far as to buying the LP but it’s still in the shrink wrap.
    The Sword – I listened twice. I liked Warp Riders. Apocryphon was just more of Warp Riders. I found the sound was nothing different.
    Rival Sons – I’m a huge fan of these guys. Head Down was good but a lot softer. I still prefer Pressure & Time.
    Mark Lanegan Band – Who? All kidding aside, I had no idea that this was something to listen to until a few year end lists popped up with it on there. I’m going to check it out out of curiosity.

  2. canucklehead says:

    these are all great bands and have huge fan support, especially the first three mentioned. I feel you got the right idea of not contributing to the already piled high hype of these spotlighted bands. one of the main reasons i keep returning to obelisk.net is to discover up and coming acts, or obscure european music. soundgaren doesnt need another write up on their new release, but bandcamp bands do. maybe what im trying to say is the site rocks, keep up the good work!

  3. Michael says:

    Check out Your Highness – Blue Devils EP if you can, they’re doing pretty great lately: http://yourhighness.bandcamp.com/album/blue-devils-ep

    Take care!

  4. RalphSnart says:

    I feel this post, because I miss a dozen albums every year that I probably “should have” bought. It’s tough, but with a limited budget, some shit just doesn’t make it on my must-have list. Even old faves like Soundgarden. By the time I pick that up, I might be as old as those dinosaurs are now.

  5. Aris says:

    Soundgarden – Great early ’90 band, not now
    Baroness – Double album is too much if you’re not a genius.
    The Sword – I found this album like “tired” in terms of inspiration.
    Rival Sons – Remind me Wolfmother, really, good and unuseful mainstream band
    Mark Lanegan Band – Great artist, but who cares a lot?

  6. goAt says:

    I almost missed GOLDEN VOID and TROUBLED HORSE, and those ended up as two of my favs of the year. I haven’t checked out SWANS yet, and PALLBEARER? I just don’t get it…

    As for the stuff you “missed?” Only so much time in the day, man…why eat beef jerky when you got steak? I dig the Lanegan though, caught the tour as well. His resume’ speaks for itself.

    Fuck it, what do I know? I’m an analog man. :)

  7. Warp Lord says:

    “Maybe I’m wrong and next time they put out an album I’ll take a listen and have to eat my words. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

    Haha that about sums it up. I was surprised how much you were courted by the Sound Garden hype machine. IMO I think they should have stayed apart too and I am a fan since ’94. I could still get down to Badmoterfinger, but that was then, this is now.

    I come to Obelisk for some earsplitting kick ass new shit not for overhyped gar-baage. Is this part of the problem of liking “underground” music and then spurning it like a jilted lover when it gets some genuine notoriety. Meh.

    I will say I was working out at the college gym and heard Rival Sons on the MTV U which is kind of strange because they almost NEVER play anything resembling rock. Haha you were on the money, AhMAzing hair on those guys. Tune wasn’t bad, I was just happy for something rock related, but I remember a kind of warmed over Led Zep sound which has been done to death anyway.

  8. I’d get cracking on listening to that Heavy Eyes album if I were you. You don’t have to review it, but at least listen to it. It’s really great. I found that the riffs on this one get stuck in my head far more often than those on their first album.

  9. noseeds says:

    All the best of the year, you don’t hear bro!

  10. kraftwerkd says:

    You weren’t missing much with Baroness and The Sword. But this is coming from somebody who didn’t like either Blue Album or Warp Riders, so.. the fuck do I know?

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