Stoner Hands of Doom XIII Beginning to Take Shape; Dates, Venue and Bands Announced

Unparalleled in its support for underground heavy, the Stoner Hands of Doom fest has begun to unveil the lineup and other info for the 2013 edition, SHoD XIII. The traveling fest, which in 2012 took place at the El n Gee in New London, CT, heads south this year, to Richmond, Virginia, where it will take over Strange Matter on Nov. 7-10.

I’ve never been to Richmond that I can recall, and this seems like a pretty good occasion to go. Fest organizer Rob Levey has begun the preliminary announcements of things like the above dates and locale and a basic list of bands that should give some idea of where SHoD is headed musically. Dig it:

We are almost there we have secured a place for SHoD XIII it will be held Veterans Day weekend Nov 7th – 10th the location is a mid atlantic city in the south but not the deep south. There will be some limitations this year on time so won’t be able to have as many bands as usual.

Wow I tell you our supporters are awesome anyway the club we are doing this year’s SHoD is called Strange Matter in Richmond Virginia here are the list so far either definite or very close.

Admiral Browning
Fire Faithful
Pike Possum
Wizard Eye
Backwoods Payback
Stone Magnum
Wasted Theory
Second Grave

Be around 20 more when we are done talk to you soon.

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6 Responses to “Stoner Hands of Doom XIII Beginning to Take Shape; Dates, Venue and Bands Announced”

  1. darrah says:

    richmond sucks!!! that club has the worst power as well.blows heads like crazy!!! same bands as any richmond fest lame i say lame what happened to the headliners shod used to get???!!!! boooooo

  2. d$ says:

    Hold yer horses, darrah! Have faith in Rob! Will be a good one without a doubt!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t know the venue at all, but it’s way too early to judge the whole fest on the first bands announced, and even so, this is a pretty solid starting lineup. Darrah, maybe you’ll wind up feeling differently as more announcements are made.

  3. H. H. Word says:

    darrah doesn’t like the city, venue or the bands. Cool!

    FYI Richmond has the finest underground rock scene of any city it’s size in the US (feel free to try to name a better one). Strange Matter is my home club and I have seen hundreds of shows there, the heavy bands we all know and love- Weedeater, Torche, Graveyard, Wino, Valkyrie, Young Widows, Black Breath, White Hills, Anvil, Radio Moscow, on and on. Sunn played Strange Matter on their last short east coast tour and loved it. This is the best choice SHoD could have made, not just saying that because this is the first SHoD I won’t have to travel for since 1999!

    The city rules too – there are many bars and restaurants around the rapidly-expanding VCU area. This will be a blast.

    Can’t f’n wait.

  4. Witch Kult says:

    Yes Richmond is great and so is Smatter. That’s the place I go to the most and have seen many bands there. It’s relatively small but that’s what makes the shows so much better. Richmond is the home of Cough, Windhand and Druglord. Enough said. This will rule supremely.

  5. drummerextro says:

    If i wanted to ask to see if i can get my band there how will that work? Sounds like it would be super fun. Thanks.

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