Readers Poll Results: The Top 20 of 2012

Happy New Year to everyone around the world. It’s January 1, 2013, and to celebrate the New Year the best way I know how, I got right to work on tabulating the results of the 2012 Readers Poll. I’ve been tracking the results as they’ve come in over the course of December, and as you can see in the list below, it was a tight race for the top spot right up to the end.

Before we run down the finished list, I want to extend gratitude to each and every one of the 296 people who contributed their top 12 so this list could be put together. It’s an amazing response and I was super stoked that so many of you were able to take part. Thank you for that. Right from the first day the form went up, I knew this was going to be awesome, and it wound up exceeding my every expectation. It was a great sendoff to the year. Much appreciated.

Here are the results of the Top 20 of 2012 Readers Poll:

1. Om, Advaitic Songs – 108 votes

2. High on Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis – 106

3. Graveyard, Lights Out – 86

4. Neurosis, Honor Found in Decay – 65

5. Ufomammut, Oro – 63

5. Witchcraft, Legend – 63

6. Colour Haze, She Said – 56

6. Saint Vitus, Lillie: F-65 – 56

7. Kadavar, Kadavar – 49

7. Pallbearer, Sorrow and Extinction – 49

8. Orange Goblin, A Eulogy for the Damned – 46

9. Baroness, Yellow and Green – 39

10. Conan, Monnos – 38

11. Swans, The Seer – 35

12. Astra, The Black Chord – 31

13. Greenleaf, Nest of Vipers – 31

13. The Sword, Apocryphon – 31

14. Royal Thunder, CVI – 26

14. Wo Fat, The Black Code – 26

15. Ancestors, In Dreams and Time – 25

16. Torche, Harmonicraft – 23

17. Corrosion of Conformity, Corrosion of Conformity – 22

18. Enslaved, Riitiir – 19

19. Goat, World Music – 18

19. Melvins Lite, Freak Puke – 18

19. Soundgarden, King Animal – 18

20. Amenra, Mass V – 17

20. Samothrace, Reverence to Stone – 17

16 Votes

Witch Mountain, Cauldron of the Wild
Rush, Clockwork Angels
Stoned Jesus, Seven Thunders Roar
Troubled Horse, Step Inside

15 Votes

Converge, All We Love We Leave Behind – 15
Mighty High, Legalize Tre Bags – 15
My Sleeping Karma, Soma – 15

Pretty wild to have Om and High on Fire so close, and they were tied for a long, long time, but Om retained an early lead and managed to pull it out in the end. As you can see, there were a number of releases that tied with others for their position. Seemed only fair to me to include all of them, and I also threw in those with 16 and 15 votes as well, just because it was close. In total, there were an astounding 1,200+ albums entered into consideration.

Once again, thanks to everyone for making this Readers Poll happen and for taking the time to be a part of it. Already looking forward to some fantastic things to come in 2013, so please stay tuned and keep your lists handy.

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6 Responses to “Readers Poll Results: The Top 20 of 2012”

  1. deaconcrowe says:

    Glad to see Witchcraft in there. I thought it got unjustifiably destroyed on the forum upon release due to the more modern production.

  2. kraftwerkd says:

    Surprised to see Pallbearer was so high on the list, they deserve it. It’s just a shame Sons Of Otis didn’t even make it. Seismic is fucking killer.

    Still a great list nonetheless, happy 2013 everyone, rock on.

  3. Mr Neutron says:

    I think it’s odd that Neurosis & Pallbearer weren’t higher on the list, those seemed to be the big 2 on the forum.
    Anyway, lots of good albums last year, hopefully this year is more of the same.

  4. MadHamish says:

    Great list with Om in the lead. I only miss Arc Of Ascent here, otherwise – most of my favorite albums of 2012 made it on the Obelisk top. Cheers and Rawk on in 2013!

  5. goAt says:

    SWEET ACOUSTICS AND TABLA REIGN SUPREME!!! ;) I’m just glad to see the Canadian boys got some love by 15 others asides from myself.

  6. HauntedShores says:

    I’m not sure I fully understand how Om managed to take the top spot. I don’t hate the band/music, it’s just too ambient and mellow to grab my attention in the way I like. They’re different to the extent that I don’t really consider them the same genre as most of the bands listed here, so I’m surprised that so many visitors to this site would just happen to like their style. Well done to them regardless, they seem to have found themselves a tidy little niche.

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