The Obelisk Teams with Desertfest Berlin 2013; The Shrine Added to Lineup

A bit of news before we all split out for the weekend: I’ve signed on as an online promotional partner once again for the Desertfest Berlin! Basically that means that we’ll have a lot more news about both this one and Desertfest London as we get into the New Year and closer to that weekend itself — set for April 25-27. Wild times, and it seems like some bands are already slated to do one and then the other — looking at you, Unida and Lowrider — but the lineup looks awesome and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be associated again with Desertfest as the multinational brand continues to grow. If anyone wants to set up an East Coast franchise, let me know.

And here’s the latest lineup and ticket links for Desertfest Berlin. California-based retro punkers The Shrine have been added. Word also just came down the PR wire that The Shrine will be joining Graveyard on their upcoming US run, also not to be missed.

THE SHRINE confirmed for the DesertFest 2013 !

Check it here :

And get your ticket right here :

If you already got it, make some rocking gifts to your friends !

DESERTFEST LINE UP (in progress)
Fatso Jetson
Yawning Man
Radio Moscow
Gentlemans Pistols
Lonely Kamel
The Shrine

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  1. Congratulations, you deserve it! What a cool show!

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