The Obelisk Radio Add of the Week: Giza, Future Ruins

Of the apparently hundreds of albums being added to The Obelisk Radio on a weekly basis, the one that stands out most to me this week is Giza‘s Future Ruins. A debut full-length from the instrumental Seattle trio, Future Ruins was recorded and mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, etc.) and hits on a lumbering pace, vaguely post-metal in its style, but more because of a pervasive drone influence than any aping of the subgenre’s forebears. The crux of the six tracks doesn’t seem to be moody ambience or contemplative spaces so much as aurally crushing tones periodically contrasted with, well, semi-crushing tones.

It’s pretty crushing, I guess is what I’m getting at. Guitarist Richard Burkett, bassist Steve Becker and drummer Trent McIntyre will release the plodding six-track full-length (which starts with its longest song in the 10-minute “Séance” — immediate points) on CD in January, and it’s available on their Bandcamp now. It’ll be getting regular rotation on the radio station, and I’ve included the Bandcamp stream as well to highlight what Giza (on Thee Facebooks here) have going on. Hope you dig it:

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