Visual Evidence: Obelisk Stickers Coming Soon from Skillit

I’ve got 300 of these bad boys on their way from Skillit, and whatever else I do with them, I know they’ll be included with pre-orders of the Clamfight CD. More info about that next week, but until then, check out the sticker design, once again courtesy of Skillit — who if I haven’t said it enough times by now — is the fucking man:

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6 Responses to “Visual Evidence: Obelisk Stickers Coming Soon from Skillit”

  1. JJB says:

    I need about a box of those.

  2. goAt says:

    That will end up on a 97′ Honda Civic cruising the streets of Waltham, MA, if sent to my address. ;)

  3. goAt says:

    I had Lily’s the other night…had the shits to prove it, too. Chicken fingers, chicken wings, pork fried rice…delish!

  4. SabbathJeff says:

    Um, i need one of these post haste for betsy, the boogie van, yes please.

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