audiObelisk: Stream From Beyond’s “The Dead Still Ride” from the The Color Out of Space EP

Houston-based doom classicists From Beyond will start taking orders for their new The Color Out of Space EP on Halloween. When could be better? The newcomer trio have a pretty strong sense of their aesthetic, blending the brash swagger of the heavy ’70s with American doom’s longstanding horror fetish. Their One Year EP was a solid introductory collection, and it’s no surprise they’re in a hurry to follow it up with The Color Out of Space. Momentum is as momentum does.

The track “The Dead Still Ride” leans more toward heavy biker rock than some of their slower, more atmospheric material, but From Beyond — who seem to have recorded The Color Out of Space with just the duo lineup of guitarist/vocalist Robert McCarthy and drummer/vocalist Richard Beeman, adding bassist/vocalist Tony Kaelin at some point afterwards — remain cohesive in their approach and it’s a fine enough line stylistically that, if you’ve never encountered the band before, you should still be able to get some sense of what they’re about sound-wise.

The band took it upon themselves to release the track yesterday via their Bandcamp, where it follows the previously-unveiled “Hexagram” in advancing The Color Out of Space, but as we had talked about streaming the track over the last week, I’m happy to feature it below, followed by a history contributed by the trio themselves. Please enjoy:

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From Beyond was started in Houston, TX, about a year ago.

Our debut EP, One Year, was released in May of 2012. We played a show with Saint Vitus to celebrate the release of the EP. Saint Vitus loved the EP. Dave and Wino both said that One Year was “killer, man”. We loved hearing that, since One Year wouldn’t have happened without their influence.

We are very much a D.I.Y. band, and this upcoming EP is no exception. We have pulled together all of our resources to produce and release The Color Out of Space EP on 12″ vinyl. Due to the fact that we are putting all of this together without the help of a label or even a Kickstarter, we are only able to release 300 copies of the 12″ EP, but we have made certain that these will be very special editions, with high emphasis on artwork and packaging.

We will have a preorder for The Color Out of Space EP starting on Halloween. The preorder will include some gifts from us, but will be extremely limited.

“The Dead Still Ride” is a pre-release to The Color Out of Space EP. The song is available now to stream or purchase online for only one dollar from our Bandcamp. “The Dead Still Ride” is a departure from some of the music we have made in the past, but showcases our love for biker metal, vocal harmonies, the movie Psychomania, and fits in well with the themes of the upcoming EP.

The artwork for “The Dead Still Ride” was designed by Goatess Dommwych, who also designed the artwork for “Hexagram.”

The record was recorded in a cavernous, dark warehouse, and we put all the songs on tape. In our opinion, tape brings out the warmth of our instruments, and will sound even better once it gets on your turntable.

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