Hosoi Bros. Take on a Black Metal Vampire Zombie Raccoon in New Video, “Snorlokk”

I’m not sure whether you’d call it a vampire raccoon or a zombie raccoon, but if it bites you, you end up in corpsepaint and the only thing that seems to be able to stop you is the thrust of a can of Tecate into your mouth, at which point you’ll shotgun it, having punctured the can with your sharpened vampire zombie raccoon fangs. All this brilliance and more can be found in the new video from Memphis-based miscreants Hosoi Bros., who were last seen fighting off the Wine Witch, and seem to have no shortage of monsters to defeat with their riffs and beer. Hey, if anything was gonna do it…

Needless to say, charm abounds. “Snorlokk” comes from a Typhoon Killer Records 7″ of the same name that you can hear in its entirety and purchase via Hosoi Bros.’ Bandcamp page.

You’ll find the Wes Williams-directed video below. Watch out for beer coming way too close to LPs and a kid at the end holding up a copy of the new Vitus album, which no child should be without:

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