The Glasspack’s Video for “Louisiana Strawberry” is Sweet as Tropicana

The name of the song may sound like — and for all I know may actually be — a depraved sex act, but The Glasspack‘s “Louisiana Strawberry” has charms well beyond the scope of its title. Guitarist/vocalist Dirty Dave Johnson posted the clip for the 11-minute track on the forum earlier today and I dug it so much I thought I’d swipe the embed code and put it here as well. A couple minutes into the song and it should be pretty easy to understand why.

“Louisiana Strawberry” comes off the underrated trio’s last full-length, 2007’s Dirty Women. Johnson and company released a split with Trophy Wives last year (review here), and hopefully it’s not too much longer before they deliver another long player. As smoothly as “Louisiana Strawberry” moves from its bluesy jamming to stoner boogie, into heavy psychedelia and finally to a solid four minutes of amp noise,  I’d welcome a follow-up installment whenever one might arrive. You’ll find the clip below.

Note the “yeah motherfucker” at 10:38, and enjoy:

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  1. dirty says:

    Hey thanks man. I feel the same love for the Obelisk.

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