Third Teaser Clip Posted for New Neurosis Album

Apparently diligent YouTuber NeurotRecordings has posted a third promo clip for the still untitled new Neurosis album. If you missed it, two prior clips came out last week and were posted here on Friday. Presumably they’re titled “Electrical Transmission” because “vague new album teaser video” was both cumbersome and crass. Neurosis keep it classy.

Anyone else but me also notice how these clips seem to be getting progressively clearer as they go on? You can see people playing instruments in this one. Maybe eventually one will come that’s just completely lucid and it’ll be like we all woke up from a dream and there was brand new Neurosis — which, I can only assume, is how I’ll probably feel when I finally get to hear the album in its finished form.

Dig it and let our anticipations seethe together in nerdly excitement:

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