Frydee Neurosis

I wasn’t sure about these two clips above. Earlier this week, I saw the first one embedded somewhere and it being listed as new Neurosis I just thought seemed a little too vague to be true. No song title, no release date announced, nothing really to solidify it. Today a second clip came out, and as the YouTube user putting it up is NeurotRecordings, I guess I thought it was interesting enough either way. Seems a long way to go for a hoax, and in any case, the guitar in the second clip sounds pretty badass.

Before I say anything else, this:

There will be a new podcast this weekend.

It’s been a while, I know. With all the track/album streams I’ve been doing, and the playlist that Jon Davis from Conan curated, I guess I didn’t want to take away from that — also having no time was probably part of it — but things have settled down a little bit, and while I don’t know about next weekend, at least this one I’ll have time to put something together. Should be pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m also going to look at a small house to rent. Unlike the last one I don’t think this one’s in a flood zone, but you never quite know until you get there and you see the cheaply redone kitchen and the freshly painted walls. Also the river’s usually a solid tell, but sometimes it’s just water out of nowhere. Like it falls from the sky or something.

We’ll see how that goes, and I’ll get that podcast brewing, so I guess I’m not really signing off for the weekend, but just letting you know what was up. This week I had two five-post days, and that’s the first time I can remember that happening in a while. There wasn’t an interview posted, but I’ve been working news back onto the blog side as well as keeping it still on the forum, and I like that. The secret is I’m being less anal about things like formatting tour dates and bolding album titles and stuff like that. You’d be amazed how much time it can take to take band names out of all-caps and change the days to some arbitrary format I decided on the second week after I put the site up that nobody but me cares about. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure these things out. Three and a half years is a while.

Next week, aside from the aforementioned podcast, I’ll have reviews of Telestrion, Corsair and Om. I was thinking maybe I’d do another reviewsplosion, but we’ll see if I have time. Tuesday I’m slated to interview Scott Kelly and I hope before the week is out to get on the horn with Samothrace as well. Monday, with the acknowledgement that the album’s been out in Europe forever already, I’ll be hosting a stream of the opening track from the new Swallow the Sun album, just to feature it, and there may be a few more surprises to come. Should be good times.

As always, I hope you have a great and safe weekend. I’ll be checking back in probably Sunday with that podcast post, and I’ll be on spambot patrol on the forum as well. Hope to see you there and back here shortly.

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