Stubb Post Video for “Under a Spell,” Prompting a 7″ Single Request

Charming bastards that they are, UK fuzz rock trio Stubb went ahead today and posted a video for their unreleased song “Under a Spell.” The track, which was left off their self-titled debut, released earlier this year, is a burner — with classic “rockers are diff’rent”-type lyrics, an instant hook in its chorus following the softer intro, and a rawer, half-shouted vocal from guitarist Jack Dickinson (hat above). Long story short, it sounds badass, with featured guest Hammond work from Nick Siemper to go along with the performances of Dickinson, bassist Peter Holland (pipe above) and drummer Christopher West (tea above).

As noted last week, the track appears on the new Ripple Effect digital compilation, Head Music Vol. 1, but after listening to the song a couple times on its own while watching this video, I’m thinking a 7″ single might be in order for “Under a Spell.” Not that it won’t get heard on the Ripple comp, just that I think it’s of a quality enough to be featured on its own vinyl side as well.

Even if Stubb don’t have another unreleased track to put it with, they could use, say, this version of “Scale the Mountain” with Mykey Haslip from Stone Axe doing guest vocals in the chorus as a B-side (or the Superhot Sessions version of “Hard Hearted Woman”), and they’re good to go. Put a classic Kozik-type cover on it all block letters and some grainy picture from the ’70s, and release it in limited numbers through their own Superhot Records? I’ll buy that frickin’ thing.

Check out the clip below and see if you don’t agree:

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  1. Bill Goodman says:

    Make me number 2 (after you) on the petition to get the 7″ released!

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