Frydeep Purple Mk. II

A hearty “damn you all” to the members of Mark II Deep Purple, mostly for putting out this awesome album and then consciously refusing to do anything else nearly as awesome. Though I like Fireball a lot, and it’s “Space Truckin'” from Machine Head that’s been stuck in my head all night, so I guess In Rock ain’t totally the shit, though you’d never know it listening to “Speed King.” Fucking song is righteous in the most religious sense of the word.

I was supposed to go to Brooklyn tonight to see Drew Mack‘s last show with Hull. Why I didn’t go is a more complicated situation than I really feel like typing out as we approach one in the morning and I wrap up my umpteenth and apparently final beer of the night, but Arzgarth‘s words of wisdom on the forum were a source of inspiration worth mentioning. Aside from that, it has to do with a trip to Long Island tomorrow, driving here and there and back again and all around, and me being old and lame. There. I guess that’s the whole story.

Anyhoozle, if you went to the Hull show, I hope you had a great time. The evening tonight I spent mostly in the back yard. I had some quality one-on-one time with one of the oldest friends I have (rare in these wifely days), and drank a not insignificant amount of bottled brews — a sixer of Bells Amber Ale that I brought back from Michigan and then some — while eating local-type pizza and listening to the Yankees lose on the radio. It was a good time, wrapped up by watching Super Troopers on the tv and, finally, putting on the Deep Purple album to which you’re hopefully now listening.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the podcast. If you missed it, the podcast I’m talking about is here. I guess 76 times in less than a week isn’t bad, but still, I’d take more if more was an option. Whatever. The day’s worth of work I put into it and I hope you dig it. As for the rest of this week, it was a fitting amount of madness. Well, fitting in the way size 26 pants are fitting — which is to say not at all — but so it goes. I’ll crash out in a couple minutes, either having or not outlasted this Jon Lord organ solo, and that will be that. No frickin’ regrets.

Next week, my interview with Tommi Holappa of Greenleaf goes up, as well as a Buried Treasure on the last Argus record and whatever else I can think to review. It’ll be July, so we’ll do the June numbers, and I’ve got feelers out on a giveaway/album stream that I’m not yet at liberty to reveal, but it’s worth staying tuned to find out what it is and if it comes together. I guess that’s the best I can say about it at this point.

Hope you have a great and safe weekend. I’ll see you on the forum and back here just as soon as the ibuprofen kicks in. Monday sounds about right.

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3 Responses to “Frydeep Purple Mk. II”

  1. Woody says:

    One of the mintiest tapes of all times!!!

  2. Mick says:

    you’re not ‘old and lame’!

    I’ve been really inspired by this site and you’re amazing passion for the sounds you write about, over the last few months. I haven’t downloaded the podcast, doesn’t mean I’m not listening to what you say!

    Kudos from Scotland…


    Had a few beers myself today. Checkout Joseph Holt’s Maple Moon Ale, Timothy Taylor Landlord and Fraoch Heather Ale next time you hit Britain

  3. RalphSnart says:

    When I was in high school and Deep into the Purple, I was convinced that the first side of “In Rock” was awesome and the second side was crap. It took me a few years to realize the brilliance of side two.

    Still can’t get into “Who Do We Think We Are”. That album is just a dud.

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