Visual Evidence: Akimbo Playing Their Last Show this August

Seattle bombast specialists Akimbo were a noisy iceberg of soul in a sea of jive turkeys. News of their breakup came my way (as a lot of news does) on the forum, and as much as I enjoyed the self-titled debut from the offshoot band Sandrider (review here) when it came out last December, it’s still a bummer to see Akimbo officially call it quits. I have fond memories of catching them in New York in 2005/2006 and having them pretty much blow away everyone in the room, myself included. Their albums were killer — right up to the last one, 2008’s Jersey Shores — but live, they were a fucking beast.

At least they’re going out in style with support from Tad Doyle‘s monstrous Brothers of the Sonic Cloth — put an album out so I can slobber all over it, would you? — at their last show. Here’s the poster for the gig, which looks like something out of my worst Legend of Zelda nightmares.


Goes without saying (and yet here I am, saying it) that if you’re anywhere near Seattle when this shindig goes down, it’s highly recommended.

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