Black Space Riders Make a Movie to Help Them Remember “Louder than Light” Tour

True, I don’t know if jogging their collective memory was Black Space Riders‘ motivation behind making this video comprised of footage — mostly wall-eyed, some not — of their 2012 “Louder than Light” tour supporting their sophomore album, Light is the New Black (review here), but if it was, “Lights Out” is the perfect song for it. Not only because the tour clips feature a decent amount of boozing, but also because it’s insanely catchy. If you’re trying to get something stuck in your head, “Lights Out” is a good place to start.

Looks like the tour was a blast as well. Certainly enough so to give them material for the video. Heads up, some of the shots where the camera is attached to the guitar kind of made me dizzy, but still good fun. They’re even in color for a little bit at the end, which seems to be something of a rarity for Black Space Riders. Here’s the clip:

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